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It was a summer day on a beach, Elizabeth looked up and saw a dove with a nest of chicks when the father returned to the nest, he perched on the nest gave the chicks the food and looked at his mate, the father touched his beak to hers cooing, She sighed intensely while she looked at the birds with longing eyes for love, she gets up and walks to the bench placed underneath a palm tree when she heard footsteps going towards her, then she felt the shifting weight of the bench, she looked up and sees her best friend Edward, she tells him the situation that has been hovering her heart teasing but never happens, he looks at her with sadness in his eyes then puts his hand over her hand and looks at her seriously, then he put his other hand and placed it on her cheek pulling her closer to him and her surprised but not pushing her feelings away she gripped them with satisfaction, they both embraced each other kissing softly, she thinks to herself why she never noticed before, Edward was the one for her, the one and only. Edward lets go of her lips, he looks at her glistening eyes and smiles lightly, he then grabs her hand and lifts her off the bench, they walked towards the ocean with a light breeze holding hands but not letting go, they look at each other with love when Edward spoke " Elizabeth, it would be a honor to be your boyfriend and your future husband would you like that ?" she replied " Oh, Edward you know I will !" she smiled pleasently, she thought to herself (So,this is what love feels like... we will finally be like lovebirds soaring through the wind) she giggled Edward looks at her with curiosity "Whats so funny ?" she replied " Oh nothing.." both hand in hand walking along the shore going towards their future.

Author Notes: Thank you for reading, this is my very first short story of my time here... sorry it might be bad. But, anyways I would love to hear your opinions and some advice for my future stories, thank you very much !

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20 Nov, 2019
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