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Loved One

Loved One

By ceratophrys - 1 Review

We find ourselves in death’s embrace
Far too often,
With pain and sorrow infecting our blood
As the pale full moon comes to guide us.

We do not know where else to turn,
As the winter has just begun,
The cold, snowy hills hug us,
The barren trees swaying in the wind.

We do not ever think about when
The spring will come.
We do not ever understand that summer is almost upon us
When the winter is here,
We think not about the warm pool of happiness in our stomachs we get
When a loved one begins to speak.

Because that loved one is gone.

But fear not, my good friend,
For mother nature has us here for a reason,
For the father of space and time created us
To be guided by the pale full moon’s light when in darkness,

Because we don’t always see the sun.

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About This Story
3 Feb, 2017
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<1 min
3.0 (1 review)

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