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Lovely Red.
Lovely Red.

Lovely Red.


Do you remember the first day we met? Middle of the night when I was sitting down on a bench, illuminated by the moon's precious light. It was cold, wasn't it? You walked right past me with your head slightly aimed at my direction. Your bangs covered your eyes, but I could tell you wanted me to go with you. I wasn't so sure it was the best idea, so I stayed behind for a moment. I listened to your footsteps fading away, and by the time I heard nothing, I followed. I caught up with you, and noticed your figure was that of a model's. You were seriously beautiful, y'know that? I got an urge to get to know you, your name, your birthday, your job, literally anything related to you I wanted to know. Anyways, I questioned why you were walking alone at this time. Did you need a breather? Maybe you just couldn't sleep and had to get something off your mind. Or, could it be? You came to see me? Even though you only stared at me for a few seconds, it must've been enough for you. You wanted me, you knew I'd be sitting on that bench and came to see me. I had to repay the favor. After walking for about 11 minutes, you finally went inside your home. I would have never guessed that someone as beautiful as you would live nearby. This must've been a sign, we've been destined to be together. I went up to your door, and turned the knob. It was unlocked. You wanted me to come in, didn't you? I went upstairs and went to the room with the open door, and there you were. Laying on the bed.
That night was amazing. I remember waking up to that warm feeling near my side, the lovely red color you allowed me to wake up to. I miss it, and I miss you. I'll see you soon.

Author Notes: I'm pretty new to this, any criticism would be helpful. :)

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5 Nov, 2020
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