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A Lover of mine

A Lover of mine

By roselle67 - 1 Review

It was November 18 2007. My name is Mark, I'm the school reporter. I'm not popular, I am just a ordinary student here. As I walked to my new classroom...I saw the girl of my dreams and It was Mary Grace. Mary Grace has long black and shiny hair, Her eyes is a color of the blue ocean, Her smile fills with joy, Her cheeks and her lips is as red as an apple. I thought to my self..."Am I falling in love with her?". She walks to the classroom and went inside. I was shocked we are the same classroom! I went inside too. And took a sit. She took her sit and the class began to start. We we're in the cafeteria. I wrote a note and passed it to Mary Grace. She opened it and it said "Hi My name is Paul, Nice to meet you" She didn't replied, She then continued to eat her lunch. “Why isn’t she replying?” I said to myself. The next day I gave her roses, And she didn’t accepted it. She just went to her class. I tried my best! Why is she ignoring me? The next day was Saturday I’m trying to take Mary Grace off my mind. Suddenly my cellphone rang and I answered it. My eyes widen and ran as fast as I could go to The hospital to see my grandmother in a serious problem. As I walk to the hall, I saw Mary Grace talking to the doctor, I wonder what they are talking?, I continued to walk to my Grandmother’s room. An hour passed She was fine and I went outside, I looked to the window Mary Grace was gone. I went to the counter and asked about the girl named Mary Grace about what’s her problem. “What are you to her?” she asked. I don’t know what to say but the only I can say is “A friend”. I saw her she had a sad face “She has a Heart Dieases” she said. My eyes widen. “She needs a donater to give her a heart”. “ When will she die?” I said with a puzzled look. “Not too long, Not too soon”. The next day I was in school I still cannot forget what the nurse said to me. There was Mary Grace with a sad look. I tried to talk to her while we had free time. “ Hi my name is Mark, we didn’t meet yesterday, I hope we can talk”. “Hi my name is Mary Grace nice to meet you. I’m sorry I didn’t replied on your message I was busy”. She has a soft and beautiful angelic voice to my ears. We dated a week now, We had fun laughing, Watching movies, sleeping together. It was a happy day. I then woke up the next day, Mary wasn’t beside me, I went to the bathroom to find her. It was the unluckiest day of my life, Iwas shocked Mary Grace was lyring on the floor. “Mary!!” I shouted as loud as I could. She was coughing blood “ I’m dying” she said. I rushed her to the hospital. Her parents came too. “ We need to a donater to save this woman” the nurse said. Mary Grace whispers to me “Don’t do it”. As she went to the operating room she heared someone said “I’ll do it”. 2 hours passed that it was a success. Mary Grace woke up she looked to the side and saw her parents watching her, she was looking for something and said “Where’s Mark?”. “Dear, Mark gave this letter to you” her mother said to her, she gave her the letter and read it.
“Dear Mary Grace,

I had a wonderful time with you, And I was lucky I have you. You may not believe it but I was the one who donated my heart to you, As I say goodbye to you I have a question why did you ignored me when I gave you roses? But I still love you. This is my last Goodbye, I hope you found someone nice to take care of you.
Truly Yours,
She let a small tear on her face and said “I did that because I don’t wanna fall in love with you because If I did It’s hard for me to let you go by my side”.
- The End

Author's note:

Okay. I think it's long and cheesy but I think it's okay I'll improve next time if I can Please rate! and Goodbye!

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27 Dec, 2010
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3 mins
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