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Loves Contrast
Loves Contrast

Loves Contrast

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I pull my hoodie up around my head and look towards the ground. Got you. I walk out from the alley, and run into a guy taller than me. “Oh, my god! I’m so sorry, sir!” I say in a fake worried voice.

“It’s quite alright, ma’am,” he says, and I silently grab his wallet. “Need some help getting around?”

“No, I’m new around here but I’m meeting up with a few friends. Thanks for the offer!” I walk down the street, turn around the alley, and walk all the way back, then grab the metal bar and pull up to the top part. I go through his wallet. Debit card, fifty dollars, a little change, and a few useless cards. Useful. I grab the tarp covering the abandoned building's window and maneuver inside.

An hour later, I hear ruckus outside the window and peek my head out. Oh, just Alex. I grab the bat I’ve owned forever. “Yo, what ya doing over here!” I crawl out the window and drop into the alley.

“Hey, Sista!” My brother pulls me into a side hug, and I accept it. “What did you catch today?”

“A hundred dollars, a few debit cards, and change,” I hand him a debit card, and he smiles.

“Finally, a night where I can have di-” he takes a deep, painful breath, “dinner.”

“Al, what’s wrong??” I ask worriedly, and start to inspect him.

“Nothing, just a fight with someone,” his long hair smacks my shoulder.

“Dude, you have to stop getting into fights!” I lift his shirt and see a bruise. “Shit. Stay here,” I go back into the building and grab bandaging, then go back to Alex. “Shirt off,” he takes his black jacket off then his white shirt. Alex is 20 and looks like a teenager gone rogue; His hair is dyed pure black and usually in a braid down his back, he always wears black with white undershirts, and has multiple tattoos on his arms and a hawk on his chest. I wrap his rib in the bandage and make sure it’s secure, then let him put his shirt on.

Footsteps sound, and two men emerge from the beginning of the alley. “Alex, we need to get going.”

“Naomi, let’s head out. We finally got a small apartment.”

“What the hell!? Oh my god, really!?” I hurry to pack all my favorite stuff and rush down.

“It’s two bed, one bath, but me and Adrian are gonna share a room and Terry will be in the living room. You got the second room.” Alex explains, and I hug him tightly.

“I don’t have to go to school, though, right?

“No, you will be going to the community college. It’s free,”

“Ughhhhh,” I groan and start stomping down the alley.

“I’m going through the torture, too, sis!” he yells and tries to catch up to me. I speed up and am running full force down the street towards Adrian’s motorcycle. Once I get there I snatch Adrian’s water bottle from the back and chug it.

“Naomi!” Adrian says and grabs at it. I finish it and hand it over to him.

“There you go, brother.” I say. Me and Adrian joke and call each other brother and sister, even though we aren’t really related. I hop onto the back of his motorcycle and pat where he sits. “If you don’t hurry up and get us to the apartment I will drive this thing off a cliff.” he looks at me and his eyes widen, then he grab the keys from his pocket and hurries up to get us to the apartment

Once we get to the apartment, I grab my bag and hurry to the smaller room. I look at it and take the inflatable mattress from my smaller bag, then blow it up and put it in the center and grab the dragon sheets and put those on it, then look at my blanket and decide to wash it. I go to the washing machine and throw it in, along with all my dirty clothes and put a bit of soap and fresheners in and start it, then retreat to my room.

The next morning, I change into black ripped jeans, a crop-top with a dragon, and let my wolf tail show. I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple. “Hey, bro, I’m headed off to school,” my tail swishes, and I turn around to see more than just Alex, Adrian, and Terry. “Ummm, brother? Who are these people?”

“This is Liam,” he points to a guy probably 6’5 with turquoise eyes that are dragon shaped. “That’s Jess,” he points to another guy about his height. “And that’s T.J,” he points to another guy.

“Hi,” they say in unison.

“Brother, next time someones coming over, tell me! I haven’t even gotten my hair done.” I rush to the bathroom to do my hair. I look above my head and a Rel, a halo, is hanging over my head. I study my face; my eyes are pure white and slightly glow, my face is oval shaped, and my skin is almost transparent. Oh, the perks of almost dying and being injected with angel blood. Hear the sarcasm? I sigh and put my hair into a high ponytail that still reaches the back of my knees. Yeah, my hair’s that long. I walk back into the living room and grab my bag that has a fae on it, then turn to Alex. “I’m headed to the café and then to school. I don’t really care if I’m late, to be honest.” It’s the truth. I’m probably gonna steal someone's wallet, get a coffee, go down to the park, then go to the school.

“Well, if you’re not in second period, I will assume you’ve either been murdered or fell off a building and broke your neck,” he laughs and I smack him up top the head, which in turn causes him to slap me.

“Oh, boy, there they go again,” Adrian says before I throw a punch at Alex. I get into a fighting stance and Alex does the same.

“It is so on, Sis,” he growls and we start fighting. After about five minutes, I kick his feet from under him and he falls on his back. I sit down on his stomach and grin like a child that just got a present.

“Still so, so weak, Al,” I say sweetly, and he pushes me off him. I raise my hand up to my lip, and wipe the blood off. “Well, maybe you’re getting better,” I laugh and stand up swiftly, then reach my hand out for him to grab and pull him up. I walk to the kitchen and grab an ice-pack and press it to my jaw, then grab my back and walk out of the apartment without so much as a: “Bye, dearest brother!”

Author Notes: Shout out to Lia_of_Oz for coming up with the title! Thx, bff!

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20 May, 2021
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5 mins
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