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Loving Friends
Loving Friends

Loving Friends


Loving Friends

Hi there,

Letter from Annabeth. How are you doing? It’s been 3 years I haven’t seen you and I miss you so much. Come back to America! Why did you have to leave for England? I still remember the days where we would mess around in the bathroom, having wet paper towel fights, or during sleepovers, when we would joke around until 3 in the morning. We would laugh until our face hurt. We would chase each other at recess until our feet ached. We would take ballet classes together and tease each other. I still remember the time when we were poking each other, whispering, saying that we danced like old ladies after a Heimlich maneuver.

Well, tell me, Lisa, are you coming back?

Or are you going to leave me hanging?

Your BFF,

Annabeth G.

3 years later

Dear Annabeth,

We are sorry to inform you that Lisa Evergreen had died 3 years ago due to leukaemia. My husband and I are very sad even to this day. Our friends will send condolences to you. We are also very sorry to inform you so late.

The problem was, by the time your letter arrived, Lisa was already rushed to the hospital. I stayed by her side, and my husband moped around the house. We never had the time to check our mail. There was so much mail in the first place and I was still hesitating if I should tell you. Better having an abandoned friend, then a dead one, right? I’m so sorry, honey.

She was buried at the Sundial Cemetery, to the far side of the court. You can visit her sometime.

One more thing, Annie. Don’t hold grudges on my daughter, all right?

Thank you, Annabeth. Be strong.

Mrs. Evergreen

Mother of Lisa Evergreen

Author Notes: This is very sad and I hope you can't relate to this. If you can, I'm so sorry. This story is for you and to show the rest of the people that it hurts to lose someone you love.

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19 Jan, 2019
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