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By palash

YEAR: 2012 MONTHS: MAY DATE: 2/5/12
IN London, a kapoor family lives. In family there is grandpa, his son shaker with his wife nency and son Pratik.

 1 day Pratik’s cousin sister heli comes to his house to live for 15 days from India. They always listen stories from grandpa. Next day Pratik and Heli comes to grandpa’s room and says to him ‘’we want to listen story’’ I want to write a devil story for my school story competition so I want listen a devil story.’’ Added Pratik. Grandpa said ok. He start story.” Before 500 years ago in India in Gujarat there were 10 best written who wrote story on the victory of good on evil. So a devil made 10 evil books for them. They were magical. The book has an opposite world; it means that if that 10 writer wrote a story, and it is ending with victory of good on evil, the books opposite world will have it as victory of evil on good. And writer will inside that world. So that devil gifted those 10 books to that 10 writer. 9 wrote story and went inside opposite world and dead. But the 10th one dead as he was ill. That book is still in his house. The king came to know that the best 10 writer were dead and 9 are killed due to that devil’s evil books. He kills that devil. But because of this the king of devil LUCIFER got angry and kills king. And he starts killing people. However the people and saints put LUCIFER in that devil’s evil book. But it is says that if someone write story LUCIFER will be free.”So this was the story” said grandpa .Pratik: thank you grandpa, now I will write this story.
 Heli: Pratik I have gone to the house which was 500 years old and buy an old blank book for you to write story. Pratik: Good I will write this story in these books. But I want interesting thing....... a super hero.Heli: but what will be the name of the super hero? Pratik: A.....A.....THOR......OK, know we will see a movies. Heli: which? Pratik: a... a.... RAone. Heli: ok. Both watch movie. Nency {mom}: Pratik and heli, dinner time. After dinner they both came up in Pratik’s room. It is raining, so we will write story in your blank book. They go to sleep during they were writing the story in Pratik’s balcony. It was raining badly. Suddenly thunder hits the book, Pratik and heli. They both came inside the book. {Yes, you are thinking right it was the book of that devil.}
 When they woke up the found new world and they were tied with rope. And a devil was standing there. Pratik and heli: who are you? Where we are? Why we are tied? DEVIL: i am LUCIFER and you are you are in the opposite world. I have tied to as i will have you as my lunch & diner. Pratik: do not forget i have written this story half & half is left. And i also have a superhero THOR. As soon as Lucifer fire woods to eat them he was kick by someone. Lucifer: who are you? Pratik: I think he is Thor. Lucifer: you don’t know who I am? I am the strongest devil of the world. And I want to take those 2 rings in those caves to live 1 more time {saying this he disappeared with heli.}
 Pratik: we have to kill Lucifer before he takes rings and we have to save heli also.THOR: there is no way to kill him & only you know were guns kept.Pratik: The guns are in the middle of the river & each gun has 1 bullet.THOR: so we go on. Pratik: it is so far? Thor: so what when I m here for. (Pratik & Thor fly to that river but Lucifer was already there.) Seeing Lucifer Pratik start praying. Thor: Pratik do you believed in god.
 As soon as the statement completes Lucifer hits his red rays to Thor & he fall down. They start fighting. Thor throws his thunder to Lucifer & he throws his red rays to Thor. During this time Pratik tried to take but he only able to take 1. As soon as he takes gun Thor & he escape. Lucifer take the another gun.
 At night Pratik & Thor sat at 1 place. Pratik: where is heli? Thor: in those caves where the ring is there. Pratik: we have to save heli from Lucifer. And have to kill him before he wore that rings. Thor: yes, otherwise if Lucifer wore that rings & come to real world with the help of well come gate real world will be in trouble.
 See on Pratik’s finger Thor say to Pratik ‘’nice ring’’. Pratik: this ring is same as that ring in caves. As I don’t get other ring to draw in that book. (next morning) Thor: Pratik now we should go for ring, where heli is there. Pratik: ok. (Both went to caves & find Lucifer so they made plan. Than Thor suddenly go inside & start fighting with Lucifer & made him busy. Meanwhile Pratik take that ring. Lucifer came to know about this & so he tell Thor ‘’give me the ring or I will kill heli. So Pratik give ring

to Thor & he give to Lucifer. Lucifer wore that ring. As soon as he wore ring he shoot Thor. Thor fall down and die. Pratik quickly go there & wear him ring. After some seconds Thor get up & Lucifer was shocked. He than make his 11 body from which 1 is real. Thor & Pratik were confused but than Pratik say to Thor ‘’I saw a movie name RAone in which at last real one was who have shadow. So kill that showdown one. Thor shoots him & he was real one. So by this Lucifer die. Pratik quickly open heli’s knot. Pratik: Thor you ask me that I believe in god or not. Now I believe in god. Heli: Pratik how Thor live again after die? Pratik: when we saw Lucifer, Thor told me that he will keep busy Lucifer & you take that ring. When he will know this he will say I will shoot heli or give me that ring. At that time you give him your ring & kept real ring with you. When he shoots me you wear e real ring & save me. Heli: that’s cool. Thor: go to this well come gate to your home. Pratik: you will not come with us. Thor: no, I have to some work here. But I will meet you soon.
 Pratik & heli all this things to everyone but no one believes them. Pratik write this story in his school competition and he won it.
 After some day Pratik see a man wearing that rings. But he thought it is dream & forget it.

Palash shah

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About This Story
16 Feb, 2013
Read Time
5 mins
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