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Lucy and her Friend Ailsa part 1
Lucy and her Friend Ailsa part 1

Lucy and her Friend Ailsa part 1

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A nice day was started when Lucy was born she was the only child or was she... A few months past and she was 4 She was playing in the backyard until this little girl walked towards her [Lucy] Hello! [unknown] would you like to be friends..? [Lucy] Sure! Lucy started playing with the girl one day they told each other their names [Lucy] I'm Lucy [Ailsa] I'm Ailsa. And then they ate snacks together. They played together. They told jokes together. They did everything together not everything though. A few days past and lucy wanted to tell her parents about Ailsa she thought about how happy they would be and when she told them and had proof because Ailsa was at the right of lucy. Their faces went from happy to shock They quickly grabbed Lucy and told her [mom and dad] Don't you ever go near Ailsa again. [lucy] why? She's my best friend and only friend! lucy's parents looked at each other [mom and dad] what are we gonna do!? [Lucy] mom dad [mom] Just stay away from Ailsa OK! [lucy] okay. The Next Day started Lucy was playing alone when Ailsa tried to play with Lucy she would say leave. Ailsa would look at Lucy's house window and find her parents starring Ailsa would give them an evil grin and they would leave. And then Ailsa would walk away.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed that story I will make more if you liked it if you want part two to come today comment down below! AND I WILL SEE YOU IN MY NEXT STORY!!!!! bye, horror people!!!!!!

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3 Dec, 2021
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