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By Bleeding_pen_words

As he entered the college he took in the scene. The college was located near the woods and was surrounded by hills. It was a calm and silent place but it still made him nervous.

He took a deep breath and started his journey towards the office to get his schedule. His first class was in the upper corridor. He could see students looking at him with surprise. Since this was a small town people rarely moved here.

He entered the class quietly and searched for a place to sit. He saw an empty chair next to a girl at the back of the class and made his way towards it.
The class started with everyone introducing themselves. His name was Carl Edward and he moved here due to his father's transfer. It was now the turn of the girl sitting next to her. She wore black rimmed glasses which made her look adorable. "Lucy Angel", she said in a quiet voice and sat down quickly.

He made a few friends throughout the day. It was break time now and he saw Lucy sitting alone, all her attention towards the book she was reading.

Somehow Lucy had managed to grab Carl's attention with her quiet personality and he wanted to know more about her. So he decided to talk to her.
He went towards Lucy and sat in front of her with his lunch. She looked up from her book. "Hi, I was wondering if I could sit here.", Carl asked." Sure. That's okay." , she replied. They talked all throughout the break and Carl was happy to find she was quite nice and humble.

Chapter 2

It has been almost a month since Carl moved here. It took some time for him to get used to this environment but Lucy made it a little easier. She was always helping him out with class and other things and Carl enjoyed her company.

The college had arranged a hiking trip for the new batch and Carl was happy to finally have some fun. It was early morning and everyone seemed pretty excited to start their hike.

It took almost two hours to reach the top but the experience seemed thrilling to Carl. All his tiredness was forgotten when he looked ahead at the scene in front of him. The sun had started to rise between the mountain creating a soft orangish glow that looked absolutely breathtaking.
He looked around to find Lucy looking at him with a smile on her face. With hazel eyes and curly brown hair that framed her face, she looked beautiful. She seemed like a quiet person but behind that exterior she put on she was a loving person with a great sense of humor. Carl would often find himself amazed by how she looked at the world.

They spent the morning talking and playing games with their other college fellows.
Chapter 3/3

The sun was setting when they reached their college. It had been a great day but Carl couldn't wait to go home and get some rest.

He was going to leave after saying goodbye to Lucy but saw worry on her face. "What's wrong Lucy?", He asked. "I got a call from dad and he said he can't pick me up today. How am I supposed to go home?" "I'll take you home", Carl suggested. He saw hesitation in her eyes but she finally agreed.

They walked side by side. The silence felt comfortable. The sky was getting cloudy and soon enough it started raining. Carl took off his coat and draped it over Lucy's shoulder. "Thank you Carl." She smiled and looked at him with a strange look on her face.
She has tried so hard to deny her feelings. She didn't want to lose her only friend. Carl was the only person that was kind to her. He cared enough to get to know her. People have always been cruel to her due to her quiet exterior but he made her happy and right at this moment all she wanted was for him to be able to feel the same way for her. "I like you Carl Edward.", she was holding her breath as If one wrong word from him would break her.

He grabbed her hand and said "I like you too"

And then he smiled the most exquisite smile she had ever seen and somehow she knew he was here to stay.

The End ® .

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31 Oct, 2018
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3 mins
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