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A Lump of Coal for Christmas
A Lump of Coal for Christmas

A Lump of Coal for Christmas

BeowulfAnthony E
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1,000 elves were putting toys on a 1.000 shelves

The elves worked from morning til night

Wrapping presents with ribbons and bells

And making Christmas wishes bright

Two eager elves were toy makers

Molly and Jolly were their names

They were not nimble, they were toy breakers

They didn't want to build dolls or games

Santa didn't know what to do

These elves were slowing production

Where could Santa send them to

For all the dolls and toy's protection

Santa tried sending Molly and Jolly to the bakery

To make Christmas cookies full of giving and loving

But because of their yelling and their bickering

They forgot to take the cookies out of the oven

Next Santa thought that they could take care of the Reindeer

Molly and Jolly fed them cookies and cakes

They also served them snow cones and curly fries

Which gave them brain freezes and tummy aches

Santa was upset that his reindeer were sick

Prancer and Dancer were sent to the nurse

As for Molly and Jolly, what could they do

Whatever they tried they seemed to be cursed

Then Mrs. Claus came up with a great idea

She found a job that Molly and Jolly could do just fine

You see naughty kids need something for their stockings

So they sent Molly and Jolly to the coal mine


There they sang all day and dug out the coal

It was dark as night but it was a delight

They loved the coal mine at the North Pole

They finally found a job that was just right

So if you check under the tree and look for gifts

Underneath the stockings and all the holly

If you were naughty you might not get your Christmas wish

You might get some coal from Molly and Jolly

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
25 Nov, 2022
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1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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