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Lying and Cheating

Lying and Cheating

By smile

Miriam walked along the beach taking into account all the shells which lied scattered on the sand. She remembered their walk along this very beach...

But wait she couldn't think like that. He was a lying cheating rat and he deserved everything he got. She tried to think about him as little as possible. She really did but it was so hard She knew she had to stay strong though. That was the only way she could keep together. Breaking down now wouldn't help anything. So she straightened up, plastered a smile to her face and kept walking.

As she entered the little shack with all the surfboards in it she stopped. She saw the look in Leslie's face and started to inwardly seeth. Didn't she realise that trying to pity her was only going to make it worse? She had no idea. Seeing her again just made it even more unbearable. That lying, deceiving bitch! She had known what was going on but no she couldn't open her fucking mouth and say it could she now. Of course not. Then when she had found out what was going on herself and confronted Leslie the beans had been spilt.

Her temper flared and she tried to put it down but being bottled up for so long it was there to stay. In a sudden red hazed vision she went up to Leslie her eyes shining with barely concealed anger and whack!

One slap and she was down. Satisfied Miriam walked out the door and it closed with a special bang of its own. She was going back to the beach to revel in her satisfaction

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27 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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