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Mae Abbott
Mae Abbott

Mae Abbott


I was born Mae Abbott in Germany on September first, 1939. That date may or may not sound very familiar to you. That was the day World War II had started officially. My vater was Jonathan Abbott and my mutter was Annabeth Abbott. My vater died in a fight with another man a month before I was born. All of my extended family had passed away for reasons I do not know of and probably never will. No one was there to tell me. When I was born my mutter had died only five hours later. That's what I was told as a wee little girl. I never had any family to tell me the correct information so all the information I got was from people that were around me.

After being at the hospital for three weeks they stuck me in a basket and put me on a train. The train took me to an orphanage. A big, dark, scary, run-down orphanage. Oh, how I hate the orphanage so. One thing good came out of it though. I met my best of friends Adalisa and Brunon and my true love Charles. I am already eleven almost twelve, only a couple of more long boring years we will be out of here and getting married.

“I will be it today,” I said “Only if Charles is it tomorrow.”

“Fine.” Charles said with a hmph. “How come Brunon never has to be it?”

“You know why!” Brunon practically screamed. “Since you obviously want me to say it I will! Its because I am a crippled!” He stared into Charles’s eyes for a long time. Neither of them wanting to be the first to look away. Brunnen became a crippled when he was four years old. He had cried too often so one of our mrs. Beat his left leg till it could no longer move. As a four year old little boy this made some things tough for him. But sure enough he got help. His best friend in the world four year old Adalisa helped him. She carried him around everywhere. Even to this day she helps him.

Adalisa was the first to break the silence by saying “OK is everyone ready to begin our game?” Everyone nodded. We weren't supposed to be playing hide and seek, or anything for that matter. We are but little ones of course we broke the rules. A lot. “Kendra will start by placing her head in her arms and standing in the far corner over there to the right and counting to zehn. We will hide anywhere on the uppermost floor only. Are the rules clear?”

“Yes.” We all answered in unison.

I put my head and counted. “Null, eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn. Ready or not here I come.” I didn't yell it because I didn't want to alert any one. I tiptoed up the stairs to the highest floor where all of my friends would be hiding. I heard giggling from the blue room.The upper floor is separated by room color. The rest of the house is a boring beige color. I opened the door to the blue room. It was a light blue not that same old darkish blue. It made me wonder what they put in this room that they had to make it a happy room for. The big bed at the center of the room was shaking. More giggles spread from it. I tiptoed over to the closet and said “Are you in the closet?” I obviously knew that they were not there, but it was part of the game. If I were to guess right away what fun would that be for any of us. “Are you in the chest by the BED?” I asked emphasising bed. More giggles sprang from beneath the fancy fluffy covers. “Are you in the bed?” I lifted the sheets and they screamed. They knew that I was there so why would they scream.

We all knew what that meant. I had found Brunon and Adalisa so they followed right behind me. Charles came out of the room he was hiding in and followed us down the stairs quickly as possible. When we reached the bottom there stood Mrs. Marron.

“What on earth do you children think you are doing! That area is strictly forbidden and you have all been here long enough to understand that! All of you go to the office! I will deal with you there.” She said leaving us to walk.

The office was a small room at the very, very back of the orphanage. This is where all beatings and whippings took place. We knew that at least one of those things were going to happen to each of us.

We opened the massive doors that let us enter the room of sorrow. There was nothing in the room but two things. A whip and a paddle, both of which were hung on the wall.

“How bad do you think it is going to hurt this time?” asked Brunnen standing on his right leg leaning against Adalisa.

“Not too bad I hope.” Said charles with the look of fear in his eyes.

“Oh stop! We will all be fine.” I said. Someone had to knock some sense into them and it wasn't going to be the paddle or the whip.

A tall women that we had never seen before came into the room. She looked at me and said “Follow me. You are to be adopted.” I stood there dumbfounded. I was supposed to stay here with my friends and get the beating of a lifetime. All my life I had dreamed of getting adopted but now I was dreading it. “Let's go you stupid girl!” I walked over to the door and looked back one more time at my best friends and my what was supposed to be my future husband. Their faces crumbled and quivered. The lady led me to what I figured was supposed to be my new family.

They gave me new, better, warmer clothes and told me to change. The rest of the night was a blur. I was transported to a new house. I wasn't allowed to leave. I was locked in. I would never see Brunon, Adalisa, or my dear Charles again. There was no good ending. Not all stories have them. This was one of those.

When we got to the house I was forced to stay inside. I could look out the window, but never play outside with the other kids. I was stuck in this misery for life.

Author Notes: Hope you like it Honest feedback please

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23 Jan, 2018
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