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Man In A Dim Black Jacket
Man In A Dim Black Jacket

Man In A Dim Black Jacket



I was awakened by the loud noise.
"Mom,,where's that noise came from?" I ask as I slowly getting my eye glasses.
"Better to know it yourself."
As I walked toward and opened the front door..... I saw a man in a black dim jacket. It was him AGAIN.

"Please I'm begging///// do all the things you can do please,,, let her the surgery now pleaSssEee." He's on tears, you can see through his eyes the days, weeks that he spend every day and every night waiting outside in our home pleading to do the operation as much as possible. If only I have the power to control the rules and regulations in the hospital I will help him,, I surely be the one who will do the surgery,, but the problem is I don't have the power to help him to save the one he's saying to.
" Sometimes, money is the basis of life. The hospital won't let me settle the operation when you're not even paid at least half of the expenses sir. I'm sorry. " I can't do such things because I'm only the doctor and not the owner.
The as usual things happened he will come to our home begging,, pleading... Until one time
I am on my way to the office when I heard someone's crying begging for help.


I stopped and decided to followed where the sound is.... As I saw the person I suddenly freeze it felt like I can't step my legs anymore. It's trembling, to the point that I may pass on the floor anytime coz' it's--- it's him the man who are begging me to do the surgery.

"Hee-here's//hukkk// the money, se-see... As I promised, I brought it now an--nnd the operation will be done today Gillen //hukkk// don't worry huh? You're going to be okay //hukkkk// " She smiled and nod as water slowly dripping in her eyes.."So keep your eyes open plea---

My attention got the heart monitor wwwwh---aaaa---tttt

Shockkksssss "GILLEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN "the man screamed..I can distinguished the vivid of pain he had.
doctors and nurses are now inside the room doing anything they can do aside from
"Time of death Two-Thirty pm"
Two minutes later I felt his gazed on me. With all of his force,,he stepped forward thaa-at's why I stepped contrariwise.
I felt like I've done something wrong. Did I do something wrong? My heart suddenly ached.... A lot of thoughts are hanging in my mind... It was my fault... If only I coerced to make a move. S***. If only I have money to help** this is insane. I killed the girl and---anddd it's all my fu***n fault.
I rushed towards my office letting the wet on my cheeks desiccate through wind. I wrote a leave letter which I am going home due to strong headache.
At exactly five pm I reached our home. Apparently, as I'm going to open the door,, someone grab my wrist. I was startled and be astounded to saw the man...the man with a When I had the chance to pored at him I saw the pain on his eyes and thunder scars on his cheeks.
Now, as he slowly letting my hand down he began raising his left hand. It got me scared,.., I thought it was a gun,.., but no it wasn't. It is just a simple bag.
"Tell me,,," (the voice he had was calmed.) "what's the used of this money?" ....Thence..I begun hesitating,, unsure of what to say.
"So-sor---" But before I fully say that word. The corpse are now everywhere.
"Sssshhhh" he raised his two hands, smiled and said "you don't need to say sorry. It's not your fault. I know you're blaming yourself but please don't. Don't blame yourself. " As the police reached us, the man deliberately hand over his hand
"And wait, I want to say thank you" I knit my forehead for suddenly confused "for taking care of my daughter while I'm gone looking for money. Gillen told me all. So,,,, thank you" I nod and slowly smiled. They began walking into the corpse car.

Three minutes later. The corpse car are slightly vanishing in my sight that's why I decided to go inside and take a rest.

Ohhh,, those days,, I was on Gillen side making funny movements for her to laugh, bringing food she loves for her to smile. Because that's the only thing I knew I can help. And ohhh in that day when Gillen died and his father got arrested, he got arrested because he robbed a mega store near the hospital. Nevertheless, the police had announced that the man would be released because he gave back all the money he got from the store.

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6 Jun, 2020
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4 mins
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