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Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

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Kristen woke up to find King sleeping next to her. She smiled and gently rubbed his head. Kristen had known king since he was just a month old when she got him from a shelter. King was a retriever with soft, golden fur and the energy of a puppy, even though he was seven years old. "Rise and shine King," Kristen whispered. King looked at her but didn't move. Kristen knew he wasn't a morning dog so she sighed and left him on her bed while she took a shower and dressed.

When she was finished King was stretched out on her bed. "Come on King time to start the day," she said cheerfully. Kristen clapped her hands for him to get up. King stared at her and obeyed jumping off her bed. While Kristen fixed her bed King stretched and shook off the urge to lay down and sleep. They walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Kristen fed King and made breakfast. She gave King some of her eggs and a piece of bacon. He happily took her offerings and sat next to her. After they were done with breakfast Kristen took King on his morning walk to the dog park.

At the park they played fetch and King ran around with the other dogs. When they left the park Kristen drove to a resteraunt where they ate outside enjoying the warm sun and gentle breeze. Kristen ate her sandwich and shared her fries with King while he sniffed everything in sight. After lunch they went to the pet shop.

Kristen was looking at the dog beds when she heard yelling coming from the chek-out. King and Kristen quietly walked to the check-out. When they got there Kristen froze. Someone was robbing the store. The robber was dressed in black, wearing a ski mask. He held a gun in his right hand and a bag in his left. With the gun aimed at the cashier the robber told the cashier to put all the money in the bag. The cashier followed the orders taking out the money in the register and putting it in the bag. Kristen pulled out her phone and dialed 911.

As soon as the phone rang she knew she had made a mistake. The robber turned to look at where the noise had come from. He stared at her. Then lifted the gun. Before Kristen knew what was happening King jumped and a deafening gunshot rang in her ears. She saw King fall to the floor. The robber dashed out the door carrying the money and the gun.

Kristen realized she'd been frozen in fear and dropped down next to King. She placed her hand on his heart. Everyone gathered around them and started calling the police. Kristen blocked all their chatter out and focused only on her beloved King. His heartbeat was faint. "I'm so sorry," she whispered over and over through heavy sobs. Kristen never took her eyes off him, off his golden coat now stained a bright red. She watched him through tear covered eyes. Watched as his breathing slowed. Watched as he, her one and only King, died. She watched as the light in his beautiful brown eyes faded. Kristen had to leave when the police came. She drove home crying.

Once she was inside she crawled into her bed. She layed there weeping until sleep washed over her. When she woke up the next day the first thing she noticed was the empty spot on her bed where King was supposed to be. Then the memories of the previous night hit her. She stayed in bed knowing she wouldn't get used to living without King.

Author Notes: I wrote this a while ago. It's not that good, sorry if it sucks. :)

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13 Jan, 2021
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3 mins
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