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By sKullkittehs

So Alex and Sam (Both girls) were walking to the restaurant they do every Friday and they had a new item on the menu. When they got in they were the only ones there.
"I have to go to the bathroom." Said Sam and she ran to the rusted sign that had the "Girls" sign on it. As Sam pushed the door open Alex heard a, "Ahhhhhh" that came from Sam. Sam ran back to the table, crying.
"Whooa! What happened?" Alex asked.
"There is blood all over the bathroom, and a human head, and half a manwich." Sam whispered in fear.
"Yo-you mean they-" Alex asked, but Sam interuped.
"Yes, I think they make the new item on the menu out of human meat. Then a fat waitress with a Bright blue jacket with two broken buttons came around the corner.
"Is th-*hiccup*-there a p-problem?" Asked the waitress.
Alex whispered to Sam,"It's probably a joke." Then she explained to the waitress that somebody pulled a prank on them in the bathroom. Then she showed the waitress what she meant. After a while Sam got worried. After an hour she decided that Alex already left.

The next day Sam answered the door to Alex's mother.
"Oh hi Mrs. Hamroot!" Said Sam.
"Have you seen Alex," Mrs. Hamroot said worriedly, "She didn't come home last night. Sam gasped.

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16 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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