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maple sad story [An autumn life]

maple sad story [An autumn life]

By SaraLuckyyName

At home that night, I went to the bathroom and stared from the mirror.
"Have I ever the last time I have been regret?" That's what I have always thought. I went out to the bathroom and look up at the window. Where I've been looking all years. My very, own idea to make me safe. But I'm not rich. I'm poor. Nothing thinks I'm ugly. I can't believe it. Next day, my friend Jella walk to me. Crying. "What i's wrong?" "My mom~Died!" I'm not trying to listen but to nod. I couldn't wait to o home and the phone rings again. I don't have to answer the phone and my friend again calls. Another time, I would hide myself on the room. Later, I would go to the autumn. Trying to see how I look. With my pink hat. And orange leaves go down. An trees are great. No one is there. And I sleep there all day. Nothing disturbs me. Beautiful time. Even I'm not being disturbed here. Beautiful life. No one is there. Something has really quiet. And no noise. From the little leaves. I'm there. And that's my home now.

The End

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17 Apr, 2011
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