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Margret Spade 1

Margret Spade 1

By TheForgotten - 1 Review

Margret Spade. How can I even begin to explain her? I suppose strangers may see her as intimidating, a result of her beauty and wits, or maybe they see her as stuck up, but strangers don't know Margret. All I can say is she's unique, beyond replaceable. She attended a prestigious boarding school in England, which seems as if it has not importance for now, but it does later on. Anyways why don't I just begin the story when I first met Margret?
It was the summer before my senior year. Being stupid, a guy, and a teenager, I agreed to let my friends push me down a hill while in a cart at our city park. I had jammed myself into the small quarters and before I was prepared someone shoved the cart forward, sending it flying down the cement sidewalk. As I approach a brick wall of the elementary school I went to, a high pitched scream pierces through my lips. The cart rams the wall and bounces back barely missing a girl walking by.
"I'm so sorry" I apologize before she can yell at me, or potentially promise to press charges, instead she just grins.
"Don't worry it was well worth nearly getting ran over to hear your shriek of fear as you plummeted down the hill" She swipes a strand of blonde hair away from her jaw as my face turns undoubtedly a deep crimson.
"Well my ingenious friends decided it would be a brilliant plan to push me down a hill." I say, feeling the need to explain. I stare at her grey eyes which now that I notice it have a striking resemblance to that of a rain cloud before a down pour.
"I'm Margret Spade."

Author Notes: Please leave comments. But I ask for you to be kind, this story is very important to me. This story is to be continued...

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6 Apr, 2016
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