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Marrow (Chapter one)

Marrow (Chapter one)

By killik15

I noticed something odd this dreary Autumn day. The gray sky hanging over head, The clouds swirling about the morning sky. Down the block, Upon the corner Leaning on the street lamp is a girl. Her long black hair thrown up by the wind. She stands still like shes made of stone, Just watching me. Her view obstructed only by the leaves cast up in to the sky. Shes to far away to see her expression or any of her facial features, My guess is that shes around the age of seventeen. Still even at this distance I can feel her watching me. I cant recognize her yet she seems familiar

I look away as an eighteen wheeler obstructs our mutual view. I glance back to were I last saw the girl, Now shes gone and so is the light that had shone down from the light post. What the hell?

Now she stands on the same side of the street as me, Slowly approaching me like a wolf stalking a lamb. My mind begins to race as I grow nervous. My once again late bus finally arrives when she is no more than thirty yards away. As I board my bus she stands motionless once again, Like a praying-mantis waiting for a butterfly. She glares at me through the side window seemingly disappointed as I walk the isle and take a seat.

" Hey Mark I don't have any competition do I?" Vanessa asks taking the seat next to me. Her real name is Venus, A suitable name for a girl with her looks, The Roman goddess of love and compassion doesn't even compare to her. Nonetheless shes unlucky enough to be my girlfriend. The reason why shes unlucky? Well besides the insanity that trickles down her family tree. With her mothers psychosis and her brothers suicide, Her boyfriend sucks. Yes I suck. I'm average looking, not to funny not to smart. She on the other hand is the complete opposite. Shes smart, fun to be around and attractive to the point that she shouldn't walk alone at night. Its enough that she gets constant flack from her friends about being with me, Its almost to much that she keeps me from leaving the school grounds in a body bag. Oh and my self esteem is in the gutter.

" You? Competition? The goddess Aphrodite is hardly a suitable rival." I say looking towards her. Her light brown eyes act as snares as I fall into them once again. I now notice that the bus has begun to move through town.

" Don't look at me like that" She says brushing her light blonde hair off of her brown uniform. "It creeps me out."

" This is creepy? This is the face I put on when I watch you sleep." I say gazing deeper into her eyes.

"Shut up." she says silencing me as our lips meet. Her lips are warm and soft, Just as I remember them.

" You know I'm only allowed to watch you sleep. Remember?" She says leaning back. By now we have passed through the small town of Rori falls.

" I don't see why that should stop me." I say happily. By now the girl from the corner has slipped my mind, Now all I can think about is Vanessa. The bus comes to a stop near the front gate of the high school. It looks more like a mid evil castle than an institution of learning. She stands up fixing her teal skirt, Its the same one assigned to every other girl at the school.

" I'll see you later." She says placing her hand on my shoulder before exiting the bus. I wait until only me and the driver remain to exit. The black gate hangs behind me as I walk the flat paving stones through the courtyard towards the large Oak doors that lead to the lobby as the sky looms sadly over head. I Pull open the doors and enter the empty lobby. The large black chandelier swings softly over the checkerboard floor. I by pass the receptionist desk and walk up the right flight of curved stairs, Both flights lead to the same place both are covered in velvet, Only one serves its reason. I walk the hall taping the stain glass windows and enter my class room. Its well lit and quite ordinary. I walk to my desk in the back of the class waving to Ms. Lawrence who waves back happily She wares the same clothing as the female students only her skirt is not frilled and a red tie hangs limply from her neck. I take my seat, Mentally preparing my self for the next seven hours of hell that I am to endure.

Author Notes: (This story is based off of a horror novel that I was working on a while back In hopes of turning it into a flash animation of sorts. Well the project was recently abandoned so rather than just throwing out the story I will upload it In chapters here., Which is why its slow going in the beginning, As well as being more of a horror romance in stead of solid horror.)

I currently have no Idea how far I will take this series after the first few chapters, It just depends on How it's received. Nonetheless I hope you enjoyed it thus far.

You may be wondering why this is filed under "Horror" When nothing horrific has taken place. Well my reply to that is be patient. Also feel free to leave your constructive criticism in the comment section, Lord knows it couldn't hurt.

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17 Nov, 2013
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4 mins
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