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Marrow (Chapter Three)

Marrow (Chapter Three)

By killik15

As Priscilla  holds me in her clutches I contemplate fleeing, her embrace is warm almost comforting and I push the thought from my mind. Time starts to pass slowly as I slip into a trance.
What's with this girl? Why was I afraid of her, she's not so bad.
“Sorry.” She says letting me go.
I wobble back from her doing my best to stay upright.
“Its alright, Do I know you?”
“You may have seen me around.”
“It was you wasn't it? Down the street last week?”
“I didn't scare you did I?” She says shyly fidgeting with her hands.
“Truthfully? You scared the living hell out of me, I don't know why though. You don't seem all that scary. But why were you following me?
“I had finally worked up the courage to approach you. But my body only allows me to move in small bursts. So I-”
Her slow heart beat as-well as her cold skin suddenly make sense.
“You're dieing arnt you?”
“How did you-”
Your heart beat is extremely slow, Can I see your arm?”
She rolls up her sleeve as she holds out her arm. I turn her arm to examine the under side of her forearm. Her veins are swollen and discolored.
“ Your bloods thickening if you elevate your heart rate your veins will burst. “
I don't know when I learned that, or why...
“Will you help me then?”
“How could I?”
“You could start by following me.” She grabs my wrist and begins walking down the street.
Once again that calming warmth fills my body as I begin to rid my body of the fear I felt before and I follow with out giving it a second thought.
She leads me down the street until we reach the corner. She stops in front of an old abandoned house.
We walk along the cracked concrete paving stones that cut a path through the long dead grass. She lets my wrist go as she steps onto the rotting porch of the two story purple house. The paint has faded terribly, Flaking to the ground.
“It looks worse than it is, No need to be afraid.”
I join her on the porch as she opens the red door. I follow her inside with out hesitation. The inside of the house is empty save the sheets laid neatly on the floor and the candles placed evenly around the room. The walls have all been knocked down opening the first floor into one large room only thick wooden pillars remain where they are needed to support the aged structure.
“Is this where you live?” I ask sitting down one one of the sheets.
“ Yes for the last few years at least.
“So why'd you bring me here?”
I'll get to that but first I need to explain something to you.”
“I'm not necessarily like you. What I'm going to put you through will be some of the worst pain you will ever experience in your life.
“Why are you telling me this?” I ask as I begin to wonder why her words have no effect on me though I know I should be trying to get away I stay in my place.
“ Because I need your consent.”
“Fine, you have it as long as you explain why you chose me.” I respond calmly.
“Because you and I are of the last of our kinds.”

Author Notes: Sorry this chapter took me so long, Life hasn't been good to me this last year. Once more sorry fore the ten month delay.

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About This Story
15 Sep, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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