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Marrow(chapter two)

Marrow(chapter two)

By killik15

Chin in hand I stare out the window, The Trees are void of leaves they look ill, As the gray sky looms over them waiting for their death. I sigh as I look to the chalk board, Mrs Lawrence is pointing to "calculus" With her wooden pointer. It clanks against the board as she stets it down making room for chalk in her hand, She begins to write on the board. She writes the equation 2x+8+4x=16x.

" Before we dive into calculus were going to review some algebra, Its essential that you master algebra before attempting calculus." She says turning around to face the class.

" Now Who can tell me the first step to solving this equation?" She asks the class.

"First you simplify." Someone says.

" Yes" She says writing on the board, for all I know shes writing in some alien language.

I stop paying attention and gaze back out the window, Lost in a daydream where Vanessa's taking her clothes off. My eyes grow heavy and I drift away in to the blissful void of sleep.

I'm walking my street under the summer sun, the lyrics of friends of the enemy playing on the wind that disturbs the warm air. what would the worst thing be if you, took the wheel and you lost control, No one is safe inside your safety zone, I don't understand but I here what your saying, The repetition of a lonely life. Somebody tell me why the heart is waging war against the friends of the enemy of your mind. I look to the ground as I walk trying to figure out how No Use For A Name managed to sneak into my dreams again, Nonetheless the lyrics bring a smile to my face. I look up from the ground, I see a girl, Standing close to my mail box. Her hair is long and black as night, Streaming down her back down to her legs. She turns to me as I stop surprised. Her eyes are a misty gray. She opens her mouth to speak all that escapes her are muffles screams as No one is safe in side your safety zone plays over the wind over and over again. I try to flee as imaginary fear creeps up my spine but my feet have sunk into the sidewalk. I twist my body as I try to escape as she begins to slowly walk towards me, She places her hands on my shoulders stopping me from struggling. She opens her mouth once again this time there are no screams, Only the sounds of bones cracking as her incisors grow. She leans close to me her breath is cold on my neck as the screams of a thousand people wispier the words " We will be together forever, In life nor in death shall we part." She Licks my neck, Then her fangs puncture my skin. I try to scream in pain but the words have gone. I jump when I awake in the middle of geography, Shaking my desk. The class turns to me their heads tilted in confusion. I play it cool and point to the kid in front of me. This is a trend that continues throughout the week when I sleep I'm haunted by the same nightmare some times I'm driving around some times I'm watching T.V but it always ends the same. With me trapped on the side walk and the distorted lyrics playing in the wind As my neck is bitten, She always finds me. After the second time I cant blame the guy in front of me so I have to own up to it, After the third time I stop going to class. I just stay in my dorm and stare out the window. The sky is always gray the wind always blowing shaking the dried up skeletons of the trees that boarder the school grounds. Now its Friday and I've probably slept around five hours all week. After class, Which I don't attend there's a knock on my door.

The sound makes me jump as I stare out in to the valley. I open the cherry red door and on the other side stands Vanessa. Her smile disappears at the site of me. "Jesus!" She says surprised. " Mark, You look terrible." She says crossing her arms.

" I feel terrible, I cant sleep" I say moving out of her way, She continues to stand in the hall.

"Having the same nightmare as last time?" She asks looking behind me.

" Yeah." I say tiredly rubbing my eyes.

" Well hopefully it goes away like last time" She says hesitating as she looks around, I can see the worry in her eyes. "Our bus is here we should probably go"She says looking back to me.

" Yeah, I'll be right behind you." I say turning back to the window. I grab my phone from the sill, I have the infallible urge to look outside one more time. I glace up and I see her, The girl from my dreams. The wind disturbs her long hair as she gazes up at me, Her head tilted in curiosity she seems to be looking though me at the room. She wears a uniform similar to Vanessa's, Everything but her shirt which is white Is straight black. I panic and bolt out of the room, down the stairs and out the dormitory door. I Run past Vanessa and enter the bus in a hurry I take the nearest seat and plant my self down on the aged leather. I rest my face against the cold glass as Vanessa sits down next to me.

" What was that about?" She asks as my eyes grow heavy.

"Nothing, I just startled my self."

" If you say so it seems to me like-" Her words go unheard as I drift into a dreamless sleep. Luckily the bus broke down in the middle of town so I got to sleep an extra hour and a half, I awake at my stop feeling moderately rested. I stand up and exit the bus yawning. The cold October air wakes me in a second. The bus drives away as I stretch my arms. I turn around towards my house. Leaning against my mail box is the girl from before, Shes pail but beautiful Her lips are a dull red and fangs poke out over her lips. " Hello Mark, I'm Priscilla" She says reaching out her arm. I'm frozen in place as I begin to shake. " I've been waiting so long fore this!" She says happily as she wraps her arms around me. Shes a bit taller than me so my face goes straight into her breasts, She holds me in this position with her hand on the back of my head, I'm paralyzed in fear but I'm to weak to break free from her arms. I can here her heart beat its slow and lethargic But beating hard shaking her chest every few beats, Like its clearing blockage.

Author Notes: I Was able to get this chapter out fairly quickly this week, I'll try to aim for a chapter a week. But don't be surprised if I make a habit of being early with my releases. NOTE I'm still not sure how far I will go with marrow, That's up to you guys.

Any suggestions? Leave them along with any criticism you may have in the comment section. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this chapter. C.y

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19 Nov, 2013
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6 mins
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