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Marry Me Brother...

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Marry Me Brother...

By VanDerKhan - 1 Review

They were fighting very loudly. Mom and dad. Twenty two years of marriage plus two kids still hadn’t kept them together. Dad was a mechanical engineer at a factory in Chicago but he earned triple than that of his pay-check under the desk. Illegal drug trafficking. Mom was a waitress at a restaurant. Their story went through love-lust to marriage to divorce to marriage again. I am always disturbed on thinking about these facts. Right now they were fighting over who had done more for their kids. Seriously, none of them did. I and my sister had practically raised ourselves. It was a silly and stupid thing to fight over, one married couples shouldn’t fight about.
I am Michael Davids and my sister is Katrina Davids, I call her Katie. I turned 18 last month and my sister turned 17 last week. Katie was a very lovely girl. Milky skin, dark hair and light eyes. She was that kind of girl you’d fall for at first sight. There were already hundreds of guys at her school chasing her but she just didn’t care. She told me to go outside for a walk with her. She never liked mom and dad fighting. They didn’t notice us leaving so they fought on.
It was dark in the park besides our building. We had played many games in that park, all sorts of games. We were walking slowly and were holding each other as it was cold.
"I feel safe with you Mike." Katie said. I couldn't understand where she going even though I knew what it meant.
"I love you Mike." With her saying that, she stopped and looked into my eyes. "Do you love me?"
"Of course I do stupid."
"No, I mean do you love me as in how a boy loves a girl." I was left startled by this. It was like shed had read my mind. I loved her more than anyone in the world yet I was nervous when I expressed my feelings.
"Yes I love you.” My hands were shaking when I said these words. I didn’t know where it came from. Ten years back we used to play husband and wife as a game and pretend that we were mom and dad. We were our closest friends. Best pals. No one else. Just us two. Through ten years our closeness had tightened dramatically. Some guys would even say that we were lovers to each other, but I hadn’t expressed my feelings until this moment.
“Mike, I long for a kiss, please kiss me.”
“Katie…” I couldn’t resist myself. I was in love with her, my sister. We kissed for the first time. It felt like heaven falling from above. The chilly air didn’t bother us as we were tight in our lip lock. I felt the warmth inside so did she. She was shaking when we finished. Yet she talked.
“I loved you Mike ever since we were kids.”
“Me too Kate, me too.”
She was in my arms. It had always made her feel safe. We were the only two in the dark park. No one could see us through the dark from the lighted streets. We went back to our apartment. Dad and mom had gone to bed and dinner was unattended. We didn’t feel like eating so we went in our room we lay in my bed, holding our hands. Suddenly Katie said the unexpected.
“Make love to me Mike, please.”
“What?! No…”
“Please Mike, it’s like a fire burning inside me, I don’t want it to burn out.”
We were moving way too fast. But as I said, I couldn’t resist her. Her talking like that seduced me immensely. She was seduced as well I could tell that by her look, that beaming lazy look. We kissed and she took off her skirt. She unbuttoned my jeans and I took it off. We were still kissing. I took off her shirt as she did mine. We were almost completely naked now. As I took off her underwear and threw it on the floor, I could see some nervousness in her eyes but it was shadowed by adventure. I revealed those teenage breasts and tasted. It was even sweeter than honey. She released a sigh every time I tasted her pink nipple. Then we continued to kiss.
“Mike don’t torture me anymore, please do it.” She was really demanding it – sex.
Katie let out a gasp as I penetrated her for the first time. It was like an innocent man being hanged and trying to catch the last sweet breath. I felt a bit sorry for her. Poor girl didn’t deserve the pain but she asked for it. We continued for a long time. She got used to it in a matter of minutes. After making love, I went for some water. When I came back I saw her sitting by the window in the sleeping gown. I came and sat next to her. Just as it sat she knelt in front of me and said boldly.
“Michael Davids, will you marry me?” I was left somewhat blank by this proposal but still not knowing how, I too knelt with her and said with a smile from the bottom of my heart.
“Katrina Davids, I will marry you on a stormy night and still be with you forever.”
Next day we took a stroll down the market, holding our hands. After some shopping we sat on a roadside café.
“I want to run away with you.” Katie said.
“Are you serious about this?” ‘Of course she was’ I thought.
I know dad’s account number and password and I can even copy mom’s signature ditto and I know you can copy dad’s. Let’s just leave them upon their fate.”
I knew what she was trying to say. Our parents hadn’t raised us properly as I said before. I too wanted to leave Chicago.
And then it all happened that day. We quietly packed our stuff. Made a back door exit, stole dad’s bank and salary documents with identities and made our way from Chicago to Los Angeles. Before leaving, we withdrew the whole $250,000,000 from dad’s account. Black money rules the common man.
We had a court marriage one year later after Katie became eligible to marry. She now proudly calls herself – Mrs. Davids. Our degrees landed us some jobs around town. We bought a motor house and a bike. I did the delivery man stuff as a part time for money while earning my bachelor’s degree from college. Katie became a full time waitress at a restaurant, just like mom. She would come home every night and we’d eat, laugh, talk, and do other stuffs (you know what…).
Back in Chicago mom and dad broke up once again this time never to make up. Mom moved on by marrying another guy who was her friend at work. Dad was devastated when he found out about what we had done. Be he got up on his feet again. He knew why we had done this so he forgave us. A cool thing.
As for us, it had been 14 years since these things happened. We now have kids – Daniel, 10 and Ashley, 8. They are getting educated at a public school, just like us. Katie and I try our best to avoid any incestuous behavior between those two. They don’t know our tale and we don’t want them to know. It’d be harmful for them. Incest relationship isn’t a good thing, mind you. I love Katie and she loves me. We fight sometimes then make up. I take my family out for a picnic every weekend outside our new home. I have made a good career for myself earning $20,000 per month. I want my kids to grow up as proper brothers and sisters. I want them to have a good career, a comfortable life. I love my kids. I love my wife. I love my family.

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9 Nov, 2010
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