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With his eyes full of tears, he ran. He ran and ran, not daring to look back.
"Ethan! Come here!" a man yelled in a harsh tone. He ran faster. "Ethan!!" the loud, raspy voice echoed.
He started to run out of breath. "You brat!" The voice called out, hushed by the distance. He started to slow his pace, eventually stopping by a tree, desperately trying to catch his breath. His name is Ethan, just eight years old. He was worked to the bone by his foster parents; for he was an orphan, abandoned at birth. He had soft silver hair, and pale blue eyes. Ethan, a beautiful child, never learned to smile. He bounced from foster care to foster care, and eventually his foster parents. No one ever loved him. He was bullied at school because everyone knew he was a foster kid.
Ethan examined the cuts on his arms and the red marks all over him. Tears streamed down his face. He winced as he touched each wound. Trying his best not to scream out in pain.
Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes a foot away from him. Automatically, Ethan Looked up and scanned the area. However, he saw nothing out of the ordinary. He stayed alert, not daring to look back at his wounds, in case someone strikes. Another rustle came from behind. Terrified, Ethan took steps back, shielding his back with the tree. Rustle rustle. The noise haunted him.
He placed his hands to his ears and shut his eyes close. "no.." he said in a hushed tone. "No..!" he repeated, a bit louder. He slowly sank down, not moving his hands, not opening his eyes. "No no no no no!!" he yelled repeatedly. "NO!" he screamed. Rustle rustle.
"no!" he cried. Suddenly, someone grabbed his arm by the wrist and yanked him up. In pain, Ethan scream and his eyes shot open. Looking at him with disgust and hate, was a man. He pulled Ethan closer and stared at him more intensely.
"Ethan, my boy.." the man started. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" he snapped. Ethan slowly lifted his head and looked at the man with tear filled eyes. "You must be punished for what you have done!" The man continued.
"But.." started Ethan.
"Silence!" yelled the man, cutting Ethan off. He tightened his grip on Ethan. "You never do anything right!" complained the man. "I give you a home, food, clothes, and this is how you repay me?" he continued.
"I've had these clothes for five years, last time you fed me was three days ago, and you make me live in a dog house" Ethan whispered.
"You ungrateful brat! Fine. You can live on your own! Die out here for all I care!" screamed the man. He threw down Ethan's wrist with fury.
"Daddy.." Whispered Ethan.
A slap echoed throughout the silent forest. Ethan looked up at the man and held his now red cheek.
"Don't ever call me that." Said the man as his hand rose once again. Instinctively, Ethan's arms went up to block his face, his eyes shut as he prepared for another blow. However, the hit never came. When Ethan gathered enough courage, he opened his eyes and noticed the man was no longer there.

Author Notes: Might continue

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4 Apr, 2013
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2 mins
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