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Massacre in Michigan
Massacre in Michigan

Massacre in Michigan

BeowulfAnthony E

Education is suppose to be everything

It prepares you for what's ahead

But what is with a great education

If during which, many are shot dead


A school shooting

That could have been prevented

Parents and shooter

No one is repentive


Amazing to take someone's life

More amazing not to take blame or to care

Public Schools with private conversations

Administrator's only worried about their careers


He should have been suspended and given help

At the very first sign of trouble

Yet nothing was done, the buck was passed on

Now we live in a scared plastic bubble


When will the world learn?

Public schools more worried about logistics

How about the number of funerals?

School boards are blind to the statistics


Take cover, and call the cops

Student shooter, gun loaded and in hand

When is it ever going to stop?

An epidemic where no one takes a stand


Children may be taught how to think

It's a lesson that may be 5 minutes long

It's the school leaders and parents that have failed

To compassionately teach them right from wrong


Author Notes: Massacre in Oxford, Michigan. A school shooting where fingers are either on the trigger or are pointed at someone else.

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Anthony E
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6 Dec, 2021
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