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May You Always Find Your Way Home…
May You Always Find Your Way Home…

May You Always Find Your Way Home…

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --

“Here we are, don’t turn away now…” Silena Youngblood hummed as she went on autopilot mode. Slash, jab, roll, parry. Monsters exploded into golden dust every step she took. Her pale face was stained with tears, sweat and blood of her family and friends.

Days ago, camp was still at peace and cheerful, unlike the camp now, the blood of friend and foe staining the once green field, dead bodies of campers littered the blood-soaked floor. The battlefield was in utter chaos, siblings fighting each other, lovers separated and killed, the anguish cries of broken-hearted families and friends, the camp burning to ashes and falling apart.

This is the end. Her only home is gone.

In the back of her head, she wished that she was born in another place, another time, another century. The weight of the world crashed down on her, her eyes heavy with tears.

“Sil, keep it together, you are doing great, keep it up.” Her best friend, Charlena, would always say this to her when she’s down.

But she passed away an hour ago…

A lone tear slipped out of her eyes and down her cheek. At the bottom of her heart, she made a wish, a wish that might take her life, but return the life of the fallen…

A blinding white light surrounded her, blinding her. When she adapted to the light, she was standing in front of Death itself. “I heard your wish, a noble and yet foolish wish.” Death spoke in a deep and masculine tone, “Do you really wish for it to come true, little one?” I thought of all the times, the good times and nodded my head. Death sighed and said, “As you wish, you will have five minutes to say your goodbyes.” The light surrounded me again and when it faded, I was at camp again.

Except, it wasn’t camp at war…

It was camp at peace.

Everything looks so…normal. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, teenagers are chatting as if nothing has happened just five minutes ago. Then I remembered I only have a lifespan of 5 minutes. I ran to the cabin my siblings and best friends are in, feeling weaker every second like my life is draining from me.

I managed to stumble to the cabin and knock on the door, only to fall to the floor like a ragged doll. I heard the door open and there she was, my beautiful friend, Charlena, standing in front of me.

She gasped. “Silena!” and picked me up like I was nothing but a light feather. I heaved and said, “Char, I’m about die. Know…that I…always love you...babe.”

“No, nO, NO! Sil, what’s happening?!” Charlena’s screams echoed through the empty cabin as she shook me, but it was too late. The deed was done. I took one final breath and smiled.

“May you always find your way home.”

Author Notes: I'm BACK with another blockbuster (jk) story! Hope you enjoy!

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About The Author
-- The Huntress --
About This Story
23 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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