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Maybe, Maybe not...
Maybe, Maybe not...

Maybe, Maybe not...


Maybe, maybe not….

They say it’s an accident and I would like to remind them that an accident is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly, but was his end unexpected as they claim?

Boy named Dom was found dead in his room with a bullet that went through his skull. His body was lying on the floor next to a gun and a cloth, police strongly believe that Dom was killed and the murderer was holding the gun with a cloth to not leave any fingertips, and the murderer escaped the second s/he finished his/her job. Sadly the case isn’t that simple.

That day Dom was planning to head out, he put his jacket and gloves on; he was heading to meet a friend, more like a classmate, to discuss about history project but destiny didn’t allow that.

Dom was a high school student, he was a very smart boy that had faced a lot of problems when he was a kid from parents divorce to mental illness but he strongly overcame it. He lived with his father, step mother and younger brother. His relationship with his family was on good terms but not close, he had three breakdowns the month before his death, his family said it is because of the stress from school.

Police can’t explain why Dom was killed and that’s for many reasons: why would the murderer leave a gun and a cloth that can lead to catch him/her, why would the murderer break into a house and not steal a thing, why the police couldn’t find any evidence that someone broke into the house and why would the murderer kill Dom in the first place. Note that his classmates said he didn’t have any enemies in school and he didn’t used to get bullied. Police believe it’s an accident other than something else.

It’s sad to see that officers of the law overlooked the facts that Dom was wearing gloves that day, he had a harsh past and he was alone at home and they also forgot to ask his friend if the meeting for the project was true or is it just a lie he told his parents to leave him alone. They say it’s an accident I say it’s not.

From Dom’s “history project partner”

Adam John.

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26 Nov, 2019
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