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By Sleepless

I do not believe in God because he has never been there for me
I trust fate because it has accompanied me. I'm alive

Again and again when it has pulled me down
It caught me and brought me back to the ground

Everyone thinks I have friends behind me
But I have to disappoint you and take the dreams again

I am my own friend- I am my own child
I live my own life_ because I am a loner

I am a pacifist and I always fight for peace
I always fight for the soul with the good manners

I am humanist and love so much
This goddamn life - out of the watery sea

Life was often difficult and I want to push deeper and deeper
But I will not bend and I built my supports

The protect me today and give me my stop
But I must also honestly say I would take life again

Author Notes: Ideas?
Write me.
Have a good day.

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About This Story
15 Feb, 2018
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<1 min
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