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Me and Wisly

Me and Wisly

By Raghda

wisly, " just put your hand on the cat, it is so soft, she is cute "
me, "it will hurt me, i don’t want to i am afraid"
Wisly, "Dont you ever be afraid from anything while i am with you"
we were then only 13 years old, me and wisly my best best friend, he was my everything, my brother, friend, company, he was the one who plays with me with my toys, we used to run all the wood long, i was never afraid while i was with him, he is very courage, nobody could say anything about me, or hurt me cause they know i am with wisly.
when we grow up to be 15, we never separate, we become both very close to each other, and we realized it is love.
"Me without you, is just me without soul, love", he used to say that to me regularly.
it was winter, the snow was everywhere, both of us went out to play with it, if i knew that was our last day, i won’t even waked him up with the snow.
our village is at the top of a mountain, in the near valley there was a big fire, with people fighting each other, wisly looked there and he wanted to go and have a close look, i kept calling him to come back, but he didn’t listen to me, he sloped because he was running, he lost control, then hit a big rock on his back, he lost conscious, i tried to follow him, but the other who was playing with us hold me and didn’t let me go, he continued rolling down till his head hit another rock, but then i realized that he will not wake me tomorrow, he will not sit on my bed and play on my face till i woke up, and then i would sit and sleep again on his back till both of our mothers call us for breakfast, they were too close single mothers, neighbors long time ago, almost family.
Since then i didn’t see him, waking up in the morning is to hard after him, and playing become so boring.
I am growing up, and Wisly is still young playing with the snow

Email me, till me what do you really think about the story
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13 Jul, 2010
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