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me and you

me and you


one time i had this girl by a lake, she was fainted. i got worried so i picked you up like a baby. i was running towards my house. i was by myself so i got scared. i put her in my bed and i tried to wake her up. then hours pass and pass. i saw her move. my parent didn't got home yes, it was like 7:00, i asked her "Are you okay?" she replied "where am i?" i told her "i found you fainted and i was scared and didn't wanted to leave you there alone,"
"how sweat of you" :)
"well whats your name?"
"my name is angel"
"wow what a sweat name, my name is, Daymian its pronounced Damien" :)
"what a sweat name"
"thank you"
"do you have food, i'm hungry?"
"yeah" so i walked her to my kitchen, i asked "What do you like" she replied "i like peanut butter and jelly sand which"
"i have that" i made her one and i made one my self to and ate with her. for the rest, i decided to call my mom, the phone ringed and ringed, no one answered so i was scared and worried, my mom or dad came, i started to cry, angel said "Its Okay, i know nothing happen to them don't cry please, i don;t wanna see you like this, you saved my life you were the one that decided to pick me up" :(
"Okay, i will try to hold it" :) she smiled at me and i smiled back at her, she hugged me and told me "thank you, for being there when i needed help"
"Its Okay, i knew not to leave you in there" it was real late i was worried again, and she was asleep, i decided to go out side and look at the sky, it had nice stars, and at the time a shooting star came by. my phone finally got a cal back, so i answered it, but in the phone wasn't mom, it was a hospital telling me "hello is this Daymian Sanchez, well if it is you parents had died in a car accident they couldn't survive. they said your already old enough to go be by your self, to go buy stuff that's appropriated for age, my grandparents were dead and my aunts and uncles live in Nicaragua, so now, i live by my self, and i'm only 13 :(, angel came out side she sat down and hold my hand, "i'm sorry Daymian , i really sorry that happen to you" so she had lay down her head on my soldier and i was staring at the at the sky, she told me some thing and told me why she was fainted she said that her parents hated her, they disliked her, so they trashed her out of the car, and she hit her head and fainted by the lake, i felt here tears and i hugged her, and i kissed her in the head. so the sun had rises and then it set again. over and over time had past, 13 years old, then 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 so me and angel had a ugly child hood, but we were still happy that we were together and nothing can pull us a part. then one day, she died, i was left alone again i had cried hard, i made her grave at my back yard and every sun set or sun rise i would go there, and pray for god to protect her with all his best and to always make her happy,
The end~~ Written by Daymian Sanchez

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9 Dec, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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