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Me , the Outsider
Me , the Outsider

Me , the Outsider


I sit in a class of 28 to 30,

and I’m still the outsider,

The chasm is uncanny,

but that doesn’t stop me.

I get almost every Q wrong,

make huge blunders - like orange of black,

And sometimes I hear the laughs tugged in whispers,

But I never keep my head down.

I sit proudly intently hanging on every word forming a strategy,

Because deep down I know - What in me I’ve the best,

And that’s the only thing which is going to take me ahead.

If waves could erode the rocks at their shore,

and stalactites can hang from caves,

those tiny dew drops can scatter rays,

likewise, I too can - change my pace.

No feeling of embarrassment - will help you grow,

Unless it’s you - who wants to bloom,

So take out that shoe,

and go for that run,

fall - rest - breathe - and start all over again,

Take time and plan and rehearse and act,

Trust me ! You will get there

You will shine.

Make less noise and amend when you go wrong,

Ask yourself - Is this what you want?

And if the answer is Yes,

Never back down or say ‘I can’t go on’

Take steps - baby steps,

You will find the top.

Author Notes: My language is Hindi. And till my 6th standard, I didn’t know how to form sentences in English. I didn’t know how to converse in English.

Heck! I didn’t even know the meaning of ‘I don’t know’ . Believe me, I didn’t. It took me 6 years to teach myself the language - English. And when I graduated with +90 score out of 100 in my literature in intermediate, all the ‘whispers’, ‘silent laughs’, and every said word of ‘You don’t know English’ felt worth it. It felt so worth it. And that’s only because back then when I was in 6th grade, I didn’t back down. I had this want to learn and so I taught myself. It took me 6 years but I did. And I can never thank enough my teachers who played such vital role in helping me get there.

Med school has some how begun to feel the same way. Partly because there’s been this huge gap in between my learning years. After few life changing events of my life when I returned back to resume, everything feels Greek and Latin. Not that I can’t comprehend but mostly because I was out and not in touch. But still everyday I keep my head high and mind wide open with a certainty that I’m going to do wonders in a good - good way.

So the only reason I’m here , writing this is that - Never give up even if things have gone south in place of your plans of East 😀

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20 Aug, 2019
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