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Meant to be?

Meant to be?

By rlajjjj

I have Always been attracted to men with long hair, perferably Black! I had been in a relationship with a guy for several years who had long black hair which resulted in a son, Jake. Sorry to say, I was actually the mistress all thoughs years. It all ended when jake was about 2 and Thank God it did! I was very alone for a longggg time. During a horrible depression I found church, got saved and started living again. I had been on welfare all that time. In about june, welfare started saying I had to go to Jobs program and get a job. I was scared to get "out there" again but at the same time I started getting feelings. I Absolutely KNEW that when and where ever I got a job, I would meet HIM. The love of my life! I just knew it and it stayed in the back of my mind. I still kinda did everything I could to stay home, outta fear. I have severe anxiety so to start something new was very hard and I didn't know if what I was feeling could b real or not. Come August I finally built up the courage to do it. I started "Jobs" which really started as school. I didnt graduate high school so I had to get my GED first. As I did the classes I look around at the guys, thinking maybe is it him or him....but I was really focused on my schooling. I actually loved it. I had to b 20 years old before I loved school. I didn't think about "the feeling" everyday but it was always in the back of my mind. For a long while I didn't think about it at all. I came across some guys that liked me but I'm very picky..always was. Although I was a stupid teenager and ended up being used for years, the men I picked had long black hair and was very strong. Jake's dad was Physically strong and I loved that about him. I don't know why. It took 2 months but in november I took the GED test and Passed! I was so proud of myself and felt so strong. During all this I was in the classes with my cousin's girlfriend, chrystal. We became bestfriends through it all. We started classes for manufacturing to get jobs at a factory. We put in resumes and both of us got on at wyn plastics. It was a easy job but we was working 12 hours days. I never got to see jake because I needed to sleep and I felt horrible about that but something kept me going. I remembered that feeling so I looked around...the guys were not my type in any way!! Crystal met a guy she liked, just a crush, even though she was with my cousin. Soon it was christmas and I started thinking maybe I just created a strong hope for didnt come from god. Christmas was so depressing like all the other years. I tried to stay strong for jake but it had always just been me and him and he was 3 by this time. It was very lonely. Even now when I think back, I tear up. I spent new years with chrystal and richie(my cousin), which went horribly bad! When richie got druck...he got mean! He was fighting everyone...omg....then he came to me...I didn't know what he was gonna do and everybody just looked, well, here come shawn (Jake's dad). I hadn't seen him in years but he saved me that night and ended up fighting richie in the parking lot. My Uncle came and got me and chrystal out of there, Thank God! A short time after that me and chrystal was on break in the break room. A lot of people was in the room but all of a sudden I saw this guy with long black hair in a pulled back and I thought what does he look like, turn around!! He did, My chin dropped! Chrystal said, Becky, pick up your chin. It was him and he was BEAUTIFUL!!! I stared at him everyday. He was a forklift driver. I didn't know his name for a while but I stared at him all the time and I knew, he knew I was starring. I just kept thinking he has to be married and probably has a baby girl or some kind of perfect life. I would think and pray, AT WORK, give me a sign so I know, Something in common, something the same! After a little while chrrstal came over to me and told me his name, Todd. He kept hanging around another women though so I thought they might be together. We would go to the bar and I finally got up the nerve to ask the woman if they were together and she said no and told me all about him. I had a chance! She was married and alot older (cougar) so she actually wanted him to meet me cuz she thought we would be good together but he was affended by that cause he liked her. After a week or so he finally started talking to me. We agreed to go out and get to know each other. He had just been engaged but ended it. Me, him and chrystal was in the bar 1 morning just talking and I asked him his zodiac cause I know what people are like by thoughs. He said virgo. I said me too! Whats your birthday? He said August 29th......I just about fainted and chrystal just laughed and asked for his drivers lisence. We have the same birthday! He was the 1! We got married Jan.7th, 2 years later and have had 3 more babies after jake! God told me that and he tells me stuff still today. I think it was amazing and such a blessing! Me and Jakes christmas's have never been lonely since!!

Author Notes: This is a story that I love to tell people so it's awesome to write it for everybody, everywhere. Hope u enjoy cause I did.

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22 Oct, 2013
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5 mins
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