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Meant To Be

Meant To Be

By SadGirl4812

Have you ever met that one girl in school who was always quiet and to herself, the kind of girl who never smiled but neither frowned, the type presumed to be happy with everything put together? Well Jasmine was always thought to be that girl. Except, things were not put together in her life at all. My name is Eva, Jasmine's only friend all through high school. Jasmine and I met during lunch Freshman year, I noticed her sitting alone outside on a bench and couldn't help but wonder why such a beautiful girl was sitting alone. Being the friendly girl I am, I approached her and asked why she was not accompanied by anyone. Her soft face gave me mixed signals about my presence; her smile was weak and unsure, her words trembled from her lips, but her eyes shone so bright and happy as she calmly replied, "Just doing some sketching is all." She turned her sketch pad to me and revealed a dark, tall tree with branches upon branches with no leafs what so ever. Amazed by her creativity, I asked, "Why out of all the things in the world to draw, did you chose a tree?". Her face turned serious and had a look of being deep in thought for a good minute or two while she searched for an answer. By the time she was going to answer my question, the lunch bell rang, and it was time to go to class. As Jasmine gathered her things I happily mumbled a quick "See you tomorrow, bye!" without ever thinking if this girl ever wanted to see me again. The rest of the school day went by as a blur. The image of that tree was stuck in my mind for some reason, the way her facial expression was, her eyes so bright and happy, but yet such a sad looking face. That night I stayed up staring at my ceiling thinking about this girl I'd never payed attention to. "Why, out of all my friends, did I chose to ignore them and go talk to her?" I asked myself this question so many times, and I still do not know why. Now I'm a sophomore in college, I have a great relationship with my long time boyfriend Jay, and now I stand here looking down at the lifeless body of the girl with the beautiful, yet sad eyes. Seeing her eyes closed, her face completely still, the realization that Jasmine never looked so peaceful before somewhat eased my broken heart. Here I am, enjoying my life while my best friend was making the choice to end hers. The final moments saying goodbye to her were the most confusing, depressing moments in my life. On the car ride home with Jay all I could do was replay all the memories Jasmine and I ever made together, all the high school slumber parties staying up late watching movies, all the gossip about boys, and all the secrets being told in the silence of the night, where only the stars and moon were out to hear you. No longer being able to contain myself, I layed in bed for hours sobbing to my pillow wanting to know how this could have happened. Once I put myself back together, I layed with Jay, enjoying his body caressing mine, the feeling of love and security I felt in his arms as he stroked my hair. This sensual and intimate feeling of having a lover was one Ivery much enjoyed. I was with Jay since sophomore year in high school. Beginning to think about the past I also began to wonder if Jasmine ever got to experience this feeling I now felt..........

This is just a rough draft, its my first story, let me know what yall think? still making an ending

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About The Author
About This Story
5 Feb, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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