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By Dona

Maundy Thurday Morning..

While other Catholic people doing Visita Iglesia. I was doing may meditation not in so silent place but in my own little way possible. I thank the Lord everyday but not in every simple things I have been received that changes my life every now and then.

I want to reflect and pace back in fort on how GOD changed my life in his own humble way.

He introduced me to the right people in my life, he shows me goodness in every people I’ve met. He never let me beg for love, instead he shows me what really love is. For I can also share that love to those people I met along the way. He gives me an instinct to know the difference of bad and good. I never realized it before until now. I can read people actions through observing them so I can be aware if they are good or not so good.

I’d like to reflect in my own self on how my life turned the way it is because of my decisions I've made in past. I thank you Lord all my life for turning me the person I am today. I will keep on serving you Lord for I found my purpose by serving you.

I am searching and asking for my life purpose. But then just right now, I found that purpose by serving GOD in my own way. My purpose is for my family, in keeping them happy as I achieved my dreams. Not because they expected me to be, but because I love them so I have to be responsible for them.

They are a lot of people who is suffering from different types of struggle and pain. I want to share the love I have received from the people who loves me so dearly. So they can also keep on going and finally find they’re onw worth as a person.

I don’t know what I did to change my life and become a woman of who I am right now.

I admit I’m a sinner. But right now, I am raised with goodness around me. I am totally insecure when I was young, I don’t have self-confidence to face the world around me. I barely talk to people because I was afraid that they will judge me. I hide my true feelings to others. I hate myself for being mediocre at school and at anything i do.

Not until I met the person who change me and my outlook in life. This person save me from drowning into life status obsession. I have been contented of what I had. While still dreaming and achieving my life goals and dream. But most of a time I stop for a while and asking myself of what I really wanted to be? He was my best friend for a long time now. He makes me believed that I can be more than what I think I am. He became my safe haven for many years I can tell him everything without judging me. He rebuke me if he sees too much of my actions and through my words. He actually looked after me. I feel tranquility with him.

I wanted to extend that love to other people who needs it the most.

Author Notes: Meditations is when you actually see your life in front of you and see how lucky you are. Appreciate life and the people who love you.

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22 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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