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As she trudged across the icy tundra, with only Snowball to keep her company, Mei thought about the events of the past couple of days. She sniffled, but it wasn't because of the cold. "Now that I think about it, who is supposed to take me back to China?" Mei asked. "Jiù shì shuí." Snowball made a noise. "ò , wǒ de tiān nǎ !" Mei exclaimed. "You're back! Good morning, sleepyhead!" Snowball bleeped his approval. "I was just wondering, how are we going to get back home?" Said Mei. Snowball's face display lit up with a phone icon, and the words CALLING WINSTON ran across the top. "Oh, you're a genius! I forgot that you had access to Overwatch's emergency frequency!" There was a pause. "Hello?" said Winston. Mei gasped. "Winston!" "Mei?" "Winston, something very bad has just happened! I woke up, made myself some coffee, just stepping out of the cryo-tank, then I thought about how quiet it was and I went back to the cryo-tanks and Snowball said that we were asleep for 9 years and the others were," Mei came back to the shocking reality of the situation. "Gone." she said quietly. Mei sat down on the snow and started to cry. "Mei, I am sending one of our best airships to pick you up, and I will need your current coordinates" Mei gave him the coordinates. "I will come with a team in around an hour. You will need to stay safe and warm until then." Explained Winston. "hái xíng." Mei said with relief.


As they sat on the airship, Mei explained the events of the past couple of days. "You have had a difficult past couple of days, with some of your best friends dying." Winston said sympathetically. "You must be really hungry. Tracer, you there?" "Yes Winston luv!" Tracer exclaimed excitedly. "Could you show Mei to the kitchen?" Winston asked. "Sure thing luv! Now, which button?" She looked at the control panel. "Aha! There you are, you little bugger!" Tracer said as she pressed a button. "This thing's on auto-pilot now! Come on, Mei, let's go find you something to eat!"


When Mei was just about done with her ramen noodles, she exclaimed "zhè xiē tài hǎo le!" "What was that?" Asked Winston. "I just said that these are so good!" Explained Mei. "Were coming in for a landing!" Tracer said. "Buckle up!"


"Welcome back to Xi'an China, Mei!" Tracer happily exclaimed. "Thank you guys so much!" said Mei. "No problem." said Winston. "Although we might need you soon." "We'll be in touch." said Mei. "zài jiàn!"

Author Notes: Please review! I'm not begging for reviews, but it would be really 'cool' if you did!

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27 Apr, 2020
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2 mins

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