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Melissa'a Wish
Melissa'a Wish

Melissa'a Wish


Melissa Newcomb was a little girl of eight years old. There weren't many kids in her neighborhood to play with, so she didn't have many friends. Imagine her surprise one cold February morning when the mobile home that had been for sale for more than a year now, had a moving truck in front of it. Someone was moving in. Her eyes grew wide as she watched the home hoping the new owners would have children. They had one child. She waved to him smiling. He waved back. She said "Mom, can I go see that boy over there?"

Looking over to where the boy was, she said "Sure honey, but stay where I can see you."

"Thanks mom."

She ran over to him, and said "Hi, I'm Melissa. What's your name?"

"Hi Melissa. I'm David."

"My friends call me Mel. I didn't think anybody was ever going to move in that house."

"Why, is it haunted or something?"

"No silly. Why would you think that?"

"I don't know, but I am only six years old."

"Well, I'm eight years old."

Mel looked at the boy and thoght to herself, "He's so skinny. I wonder if her gets enough to eat?" Since it was nearly five o'clock in the afternoon, she took a shot in the dark and said "Are you hungry?"

David said "Yes."

"Do you like peanut butter?"


"Would you like me to make you a peanut butter sandwich?"

"Yes please."

Mel went inside to make him a peanut butter sandwich. Her mother noticed, and said "What are you doing?"

"I'm making a peanut butter sandwich for the boy across the street."

Realizing that she wasn't going to ruin her appetite for her supper which was thirty minutes away, she said "Okay."

When Mel was done making it, she brought it out to him along with a glass of milk. He ate the sandwich like he hadn't eaten anything all day. She said to him, "Boy, you must've been hungry?"

"i was."

Mel smiled knowing she did something good. After the first week of making peanut butter sandwiches every night, her mother Lisa said to her, "You can't go feeding all the neighborhood kids. We don't have the money."

"But mom. It's not all the neighborhood kids. It's just one boy. After one sandwich, you still have so much left."

Her father Aaron eho was in the next room laughed and gave her a thumbs up as he said "You can't argue with that kind of logic." I got your back Mel.

Mel smiled as she said "See.", and gave her father a thumbs up too.

Her mother not knowing what to say, kept her mouth shut. She knew her daughter was right. She was learning a lot about caring and compassion from her eight year old daughter. What was an extra 2.00 jar of peanut butter per week, when it could keep one little boy from starving to death. Wouldn't she want someone to do the same for her child? Of course she would.

Looking out the window, she saw her daughter sit and talk with him while he ate. She acted like he was no different from her, as thought he mattered. It brought tears to her eyes.

Many months later while standing at the sink, Lisa's mind trailed off. In two weeks, it would be Christmas. When Mel finally came inside, Lisa said "How about we go see Santa tomorrow?"

Mel excitedly exclaimed, "Yeah. I know exactly what I'm going to ask him."

Mel went to bed that night happy, knowing she was going to fix David's situation.

The next day at one pm, Lisa said "We'll be leaving shortly. Go get your shoes on."

Mel went to get her shoes, but she could only find one. She looked everywhere. After ten minutes of searching, her mother yelled "Hurry up."

"I'm trying, but I can only find one shoe."

About thirty seconds go by when Mellissa yelled "I found it."

Somewhat tattered with dog slobber all over it, Melissa said, "Ew."

"What now?"

"It's all gross and yucky."

"Let me see."

After looking at them, Lisa said "Go get another pair then."


"I'm ready to go."

"It takes them ten minutes to get to the mall. Once at the mall, they stand in a long line for Santa. There are about fifteen people ahead of them. One it's her turn, Mel sits on Santa's lap.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Mel."

"Do you know what you want for Christmas?"

"Yes. I want the little boy across the street to not be hungry anymore."

"How do you know he's hungry?"

"Because he's so skinny. Every time I offer him a peanut butter sandwich, he never says no. It's been everyday for almost a year now."

"I don't know if I can fix that, but I'll see what I can do."

Santa's eyes began to water as he thought in disbelief of one little child's selfless request. He said to her, "Wait here until I finish up. There are only two more people."

"Can we mom?"


After the two people were finished, he said "Don't you want anything for yourself?"

"My mom and dad can get those things. I just feel so bad for him."

"What's his name and address?"

"David Sylvester. 200 Main Street, Seattle, Washington."

"I'm very proud of you."

"Moomy, did you hear that? Santa's proud of me."

"I did hear that."

Christmas Eve day comes, and David said to Mel, "I won't be here after the first. We're moving again. My dad's in the military."

Mel was sad. Not just because she was losing a friend, but she thought she'd see him get older. Then she would get to see the difference she made in this boy's life. Now, she'll never know.

David said, "Don't be sad. You'll make me feel bad."

"I'll try not to be."

After he left that day, she couldn't stop thinking about him. All she could think was, "Who's going to care whether he eats or not now?" It sucked the joy out of Christmas. Tomorrow was Christmas, and all she could think about was that poor little boy.

A few hours later, David is at the door. He said, You'll never believe what happened."

"Somebody delivered a turkey with all the fixings to my door, but that's not all. They left an envelope with a one hundred dollar gift card to the supermarket. There was a little note inside. It said, 'When your friend Mel told me of your plight, I wanted to help. I hope you'll accept. It is Christmas after all.' Can you believe that?"

Smiling, Melissa knew it was her wish. Santa had heard her. She said, "Actually, I can believe it. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for telling me. Christmas isn't ruined after all."

Many years go by, and she is now fourteen. She still couldn't stop thinking of the cute little boy she had to help. She wondered how he was doing. It's the first day of the eighth grade when she notices this boy. She keeps looking at him thinking "Where do I know him from?"

He sees her notice him. He come over to her, and introduces himself, "Hi, I'm David Sylvester."

Stunned, she said "Oh my god. It's really you. I've thought about you so many times over the years." She hugs him.

"I've thought about you too. You saved my life. I could never forget you."

"I never forgot about you either. You look good."

"Thanks. I'm not hungry anymore. Now that I'm old enough not to need a babysitter, my mom is working. We moved back here two months ago."

"I'm so happy for you. Would you like to get a burger after school, and we can catch up?"

Laughing, he said "Yes."

"What's so funny?"

"You were always the little caretaker."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You're trying to feed me again."

It's just a meeting place. I'm assuming twelve year olds don't drink coffee. Do you have another place in mind?"

"No, that'll do."

At two thirty that day, they meet at the burger joint, and catch up. This was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

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6 Dec, 2017
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