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A Melody of Love

A Melody of Love

By HeavensGame

I was playing a melody for the children they laughed i laughed a childs face laughing is a blessing to us all. I smiled "ok children thats it for today your parents will be worried." they went i sat infront of the piano and played a song i love this song it gives you a beat that makes you wanna laugh. "ok thats it for today." i said i closed the piano and headed out, my Aunt came toward me she is the one who teached me music shes a kind hearted person.
"your going home honey." she questioned.
"oh,yes why is there something you need." i said.
"oh no, i just wanted to tell've been chosen to be in this big play concert for piano players and you get special lessons from a famous french piano player so what do you say." she smiled.
"i...i dont know this is a dream ok ok of course i will say yes thank you auntie." i hugged her. She hugged me back and i headed home. i live by myself well im 19 so im big enough anyway on sunday is my big day wait tomorrows sunday omg.
That next morning i was there i took a deep breath and walked i nice women greeted me she showed me the piano at that moment i noticed someone playing a beautiful melody i almost cried i walked toward the music i saw the door open i looked in and say a man about my age playing piano he had blue eyes and black hair that covered his fore head the melody waved smoothly with him. the women catched up to me she told me that this boy i'll be having lessons with. He got up and came toward me.
"Hi. My name is Lance Corner."
"oh, hi , Pearl Dean."
Then I dont know or remember how but we started talking as friends then i told him about a beat that i know and i love he told me he heard it when i played it. Then he smiled at me and put his hand on mine,"shall we play it together." My heart played a beat. I smiled.
"If I play this melody with you. i dont mind." we both laughed.
That little beat sprang little roses in our hearts.

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About This Story
10 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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