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Memo Of Paris

Memo Of Paris

By gia - 1 Review

                         KISS AND TELL

It was suposed to be a game, to prove that he was a cheater she was complaining the way the make love is becoming unbearable she need away to live him with out her moving out she looked me in the eyes and asked me to see if he would try it on me I smilled you you must be losing it
Please do it for me
do you remember you own me a favour
no I don't that was ages ago and it was nothing like this I asking you for money
No to hit on somebody
Ok dont do it who cares I could be going out with a cheater and everyone knowing it
She looked at me sad eyes ok if I do this you owe me big time
I was drinking to much she got me to agree to her plan not knowing how it was going to effect me

I dint think he was going to do what he did I never thought for a second that he is a cheater.
we was runing out of tapacco and drinks I volunteered to go shop and my cuz asked him to escort me

it was 2oclock in the morning and we had long walk as all the shop near us was closing down we wasn't far from the

house as we crossed the big higth way we took the risk crosing wile some cars where coming to word us he grabed my hand and we crossed we was more in a sock that we was holiding hands that we nearly got rund over buy the cars, he turned me towords him grabed me buy my west and came closer
Are you ok

I was lost in his blue eyes and  nowing what this was the moment that we was going to kiss if I have to discribe it is wasn't a french kiss or eles he would have kissed me buy now, it wasn't slow because he hadn't stopped tolking how he feels
I dont won't you to think I'm drunk
I haven't stop thinking about you since cristmas, wen you visited us
I couldn't stop stering at you
the way you moved your hair from one side to nather your smile

It wasn't the shy nerves kiss where he was freaking out to what about he was capable of doing

I think he could read me I woned to be kissed my love life was a failure the person i was in love with rejected me two days before and i wasent moving away I had a million thoughts for that moment the fact

I didn't need to do it I had the prove that I need that he is a cheater and my cuz wasn't crazy to think he was doing this with other girls
it took her four years for something like this to be proven as he was denying it all the time that he loved her and there is nothing for her to fear, the problem was I was captured buy that moment that spell that crazy moment and I started to respond to his kiss and hem coresing me and I was doing the same he pulled me in a dark corner of a street and we was kissing endlessly and I was rapet around his big maseles arms and kissing his lips and moving to his neck for that mometh I forgot beth

I forgot what was this about, I missed being kissed like this I missed being wanted with so much passion and his kisses where clean no slope or mess or all over the place he was kissing my lip with so much care of them and then that long moment felt short wen I puled away and he puled me back in his arms I was moving my face so he wont get my lips again

Do you know how long I being fantasining to do this
I can't
I was trying to puch him away but my small petite body comparing to his higth and maskilarite body giving my hall straight to push him he wasn't moving but smiling that I was trying to get him off me he moved away and we both started to walk awkwardly.
I cant keep it from her
she is not jest any body or my friend she is my family,
He took my hand and start to kiss it
give me time and I can tell her
I looked at him big mistake as our eyes clocked in he came closer and this time I dint wont to figth him off me I made the move and kissed him we was only few streets down the road it was Saturday morning and everyone in the street where drunk and not paying attention to us I kissed and puled him buy his west to words me he kissed me back holding my my two shecks, he lift me up and we went agest one corner it was a small road with only houses and not many people where passing actually none at all he start to kiss my neck and wispering to me
I wont you
I wont to make love to you day and nigth every day
he started to kiss my neck and I was geting lost I could fell his arms resing under my top and next to my breast and he was puling my top up, I stoped him I was typsy no crazy drunk to get necked in the street i start to smile and my smille turnd to laughter I was in a sock I was trying to compare my exs and this was becoming far the best of all I was 30 and I was acting like 13 years old girl in the middle of the street

I puled my self together he took my hand and pleset to jenetel he was arouse  you  did this to
I puled my hand away I start to walk of he started telling me the life he was having with my cuz how sex ones was good and then she will not sleep with him or wen she sleeps with him she will compain to finch and then she will go and vomit
how do you think I feel as a man,
we reached to the shop I leted go of his palm and went in the shop, I went to the wine section he picked a rose and a bear for him, i couldent stop steeing at him I was watching the way he walked the way he took his wallet to pay speaking french everything about him was making him more attractive to me I was in dispelife that he wonts me felling sorry for him because
I known all about it he wasn't lieing she toled me

I dint wont to take sides I always toled her you lucky to have cristian he works he is nice and always looking after you and what man gives you all his pay check.
it remind me of one time she called me out of the blue to say
I could hear in the back round cristian caming from work and giving her something she screamed and shoutied
take them out!!! I asked what happed she said he got me flowers
I said lucky you
I wish I had someone to give me flowers,

he jest picked them from outside and all the crishers i dont wont my missy getting flees

missy was her dog that she loves so much even more that cristian

cristian wasn't alound to sleep in the bed with her but only her dog
the both snore and if I had to pick someone it will be missy
that nigth he toled me that he went in someone garden to get them roses and I felt my heart droping as that was the most romantic thing I heard

we was walking in silent expecting him to say something he was jest stairing at me he took a moment and toled me he woned to show me something and I fallowed him it was a cathidro he loved the very gothci arcutersier and I admired art

the cathedral is composed of “a thousand 
Small deatels of angel's and demons it was tall few of the statues where shipt in It was painted all white and it lookd so tall you felt disse looking up for to long he grabed my hand and took me in the back there was an basmet he opend it

No you cant break in,
there must be cameras or security all over the place
is a very old place
and the restoring it again there is nothing to still
And the cant hardly afored to restore it is being closed over a year to have cameras around it,
he opend his palm for me to grabe
trust me
i gave him my hand and fallowed him there was a narow long corridor it was very dark he turned his torsh on his phone
last time i came hear  it was few years ago  wen nigth wish played
do you know them
No you must know them  he looed me in disbelief I dint know them
the fillmes the soundtrack for the phaton of the opera
he start to hume the song na na na he turned me to a dancing potion I smiled
stop it stop
he hold me close and hampet the song in my ear and turned me around after that small dance ..we start to walk and opened the door my eyes cort the ceilings and the surprising amount of light and the beautiful stained glass windows full with ligth the moon surouding the place with ligth it was amazing how colour full was the place  and the moon having sach a power of lightness

What do you think,
I can't discribe it
he came behand me and hold me buy my west i dint wont to turn around,
He turned towords he took a big breath
let's tell her.

Are you mad what do you think we going to walk and and im going to say hey beth I disade I wont to be with your boyfriend

I smilled only he wasn't ,
is not going to happen ,
and if we did this
how is it going to work?
think about it I have only meet you in four years seven times

He came closer and start to cores my hair and stat to kiss me i couldn't resist him
so why are you kissing me back
I dont know

we start to kiss I could feel his arms lowering in my thighs he unded my troused and I unded his I could fell his hard and I was so wet he started to kiss my breast and puling my top up and he was moving slowy down next to my belly batten moving more further down and I was jest saying his name cristian and moning and holding his haid more agaist my belly button and going further

his phone start to ring and we egnored it and then mine and while he was there tashing my cliteres with his fingers and then slowly with his tange my phone start to ring i opend my eyes and i could see the angels in the celing and I jest couldn't let him do it any more as we both knew it was hear

I moved away trying to pule my pants up and he was trying to stop me get me in that moment I managed to pule my pants and trousers up, ,

I was so falling for him, the small aregment I had with my cuz jest got broken it was only supposed to be a kiss he got up and I kissed him and toled him I wont hem too he smiled and kissed me back we both left and I gave her a call back,

she asked me what happened I toled her yes it did
she smiled over the phone now I would see if what happend few minutes ago was worth it or he will deny it we walked hand in hand and asked me for a last kiss and I kissed him back
Wishing he mean it he was going to break up with her we walked in and she woned a fag I fallowed her outside she woned to know all the details I toled her only small part we was crossings the road and he kissed me and I kissed him back

She said a weight has lift and she was planning her single life she was turning his office to a gym
I was thinking did she hear the part that I kissed him back
And I was falling for him I couldn't hear her but i was in a deferent cloud I was having gouse bambes all over thinking what it had happened to me and all mad thoughts one minute I was heart broken over Charlie teling me he is not ready for a relationship and we good friends and next how would even this work out and I wasn't thinking that he migth not wont me she finched her smoke and asked me if I was ready...... ready for what? For the confertastion of course do you think I shoud go mad mad or classy mad I was freaking out I puled her arms back wait do you wont to this now don't you wont to do it day time, no he might came up with a better story
What if he denys it

Well you my family and I belive you
anyway you must be gross from that kiss
I dont think he can kiss
I teached him how to kiss
you rigth going to brush my teeth
I gave her a fake smille and then it was that moment,

I woned to see was it all talks we both went inside he was standing buy the kitchen taking the drinks out of the bag she placed her arm in her hip,
did you kiss her
he took his time and looked at me and said yes she was looking at him the way we both was stairing each other
so what now
no excuses no sorry
he looked her in the eye
no it wasn't a mistake
and I don't have any excuses for it
I think Gia opend our eyes
don't you think
it wasn't going to work with us the only reason we together is because is convenient for people to see our family and friends

I was smiling inside she looked at me and toled me go on tell him it was a game a test and he failed, that proves you being doing this with other girls too

he was socked I could see his blue eyes clearly wen he resaid his eyebrows

I said sorry I was embarrassed to look at him in the eyes what would he think of me
what is she talking about? he looked mad and confused
I went in the bathroom he fallowed me I sat on the floor and dint wont to came out untile the morning and live he nooked the door asking me with soft voice come out I don't really care about that I know you feel something
I went out my cuz was giving him the look how could he fall.

he opend the door to the kitchen we need to talk and I fallowed him he cloesed the door he came closer towords me
what is she talking about I looked at him and toled him about her plan and took me in his arm and looking down on me he smiled but you wasn't fake it the way you kissed me the way you hold me
I couldn't look at him I need to go sleep he puled me towords him you know I haven't cheat on her she is always paranoid you dont need to explain to me you belive me dont you, I don't know what to belive you both trying to hurt each other and you both used me and none of you care how

I felt after this how do you feel then I took a moment I like you what happened I haven't felt like that for a long time but
She trusted me we even more close that our brothers and sisters, , shhh don't speak he tached my lips with his fingers dont think about it only think what makes you happy
I hate the kiss that fallowed
he found my week part I could smell his aftershave it smelt so strong sweet smell
I kissed his neck and wisper I dint know I was going to fell this way he start to kiss me and smile happy

I love u he wisperd in my ear and i hold hem so tigth he start to kiss me he puled and bitted my botom lip and starting to go down trying to finch what he had started I dind wont hem to fell unwoted and un loved I made him fell love and fell wonted I opend his trousers started to kiss his cheast and lowering my self down

she was so naive to think we was jest talking or she had her full trust in me I could hear him woned to mone and holding my haid closer to him and with one hand coresing my lips I start to slowly lick in and bit it and suck it he hold it for me and I could kiss it more at the tip he was looking at me with his blue eyes woned to kiss me as he was biting his lips and she started to nock i dint won't to stop he puled me up and kissed me he puled his trousers and i went close to the sinck and took my pants off he came closer while i was kissing him he couldn't belive what I was doing i was brave not to care that door migth open any time I dint care how she was going to fell I opend my legs and stode one of my leg up in the table he picked me up
and sticked it in softy and jently i was so tight it was verry long time for me nearly two years since i had sex with someone he was stragling to lift my top and i helpt to lifte it for him he took my nible out from my brow and he opend his moth and kissed the way he was kissing my botom lip my brow was geting in the way and i lift my brest closer to his mouth he start to mone and beging me
give me my other breast he said mine like

i started to belong to him i took my other breast and he start to kiss them i was holding his haid and kissing him I could hear him saying I love you while i was felling more wet and wet and tryng to push him deper she couldnt hear what we was doing she trougth i stile had her back i wasent felling gulty having him inside me i was in love the damaged had happend oredy.......I started to mone louder as I was esceleting to come he lookd at and smiled with pride and kissed my lips my legs where shaking after that he came and helpet me to get my self together he picked my pants and went on his knees I lifted my leg and he start to kiss my leg all the way to my thighs as he was puling them up, we both he came up and puled my top down we both couldn't stop smiling and kissing he wisperd you have to tell her you wont me and we together now

I cant is one thing a man living you and another for your cuz , hes smiled faided and he oped the door and left she fallowed me what was you guys tolking about

nothing I toled him I can't I could never be with him,

the next day everything changed he got up and went work he text me his brother was going to pick me up and drop me to train station back to London my hart stoped I woned to know if he regret it oredy and dont wont me or was this a game to him to hurt her and me

he came

He came from work early and I was mad I went in the room. And took my bag and left it in the corridor I don't need a lift I'm taking the train to London he puled me closer and kissed me I puled away why did you made arrangements for me to live

Because I need to end this madness and start with you im living to Germany in two weeks my brother got me a job a good potion i will be making 40 grand and we can get a place with a garden or an apartment in the city
while he was talking my heart felt its bites again I smilled and kissed him, i love you he huged me tigth but don't aske me to tell her yet not yet how long you going to keep it is going to hurt whether is today of few months down the line I dont know what if we dont work out was it worth it everyone knowing
But what if what then, she is selfish if she ask not to be happy
Then is kind easy to tell we can prove them we being together for a bit longer
We was both talking but not listening

I could hear my cuz came home i moved away from him she looked at us let me no interapt anything he asked her to stay for the conversation
im crazy in love with her and she is not brave to tell you because she scared how you going to react my heart start to speed and my hands started to sweat and we living to Germany I said no I can't do this conversation and left the room my cuz followed me what is wrong with him you better tell him you now interested are you

no of course not !!! He was there witnessing what I was saying

I know she thought she will be ok and it wont hurt her like I thought kissing cristian it dont mean anything and it was a game for Julie but she was hurting I had to live to put

an end all off this mess

the door based he opend the door it his brother came to rescue us from that akqoured moment he came in and sayd hi, im ready can you give me an hour to rest being a long ride yes of course
Cristian and his brother Lui wen in the kitchen I could tell he knew everything the way he was looking at me after an hour we got in the car and drived off he was asking me if everything was ok I smilled and said yes

I betread her best friend how could she trust me again wen I can see it in her eyes she is hurt with the idea I wont him the betreall me but we both got played in this game I understood that she woned him to live her and not for another women expecially her cuz her best friend she know all her life and trusted to betray her no I knew what I was supposed to do let go

I looked her tattoo in her arm she had cristian name and a small arow crosing his name, I walked to the corridor picked my bag he was running  behand me I will come to London before I live yes I noded holding my tears back he smiled and kissed me I have to go I can't stop kissing you let me came with you, you crazy let me get my bag and passport wait for me  i started to let my tears out hey why are you crying im happy waited for me.....ok i noded i love you you know that that was my last word I watched hem walking back

Since that day  all I can do is think about him like crazy  he send me a song lirckys the phaton of the opera, misses me and why I was agnore him
pick up your phone my love,
is ok I can wait as longest you need
Why are you doing this
Let me hear your voice
I never picked up his calls or respond to his texing the last text he bleamd for everything what kind sick person are you.
Few weeks later I was beginning for his calls I couldn't focus at anything I was running late to work and after work I would go to the store and get wine a bottle after another.
It was my birthday and as always I will switch of my phone and no answer my door
I would drink and dance and laugh and cry
And the last thought I would have on my mind will be cristian,

                        Two years
I was walking down prince road
Making my way to the cathedral the have finished the restoring and I was dieing to see it, a part of my haert I was wishing to see him, now that my cuz had found someone , I walked in the corridor and the place was full with people, there was no way I would find him, I walked to the centre to look at the ceiling, after my visit to the cathidrow I sat outside looking the besmet door I looked around and snicked in it sounded so quiet and pisfully I stood there wishing he was there, I started to feel regrets for two years the hunted me what if I had left how my life would have turned out to be, I took a big breath and wiped my tears was going to end like eric from the phaton he died with broken heart, I cleaned my tears and start to walk

Author Notes: An erotic short story, filled with passion

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