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Merp Is the Word

Merp Is the Word

By Meggraces - 2 Reviews

In science they state that when a human gets excited, scared or maybe even nervous that their adrenaline then starts to rush throughout the body and your heart rate starts to rise and your body feels just a little bit warmer inside. Children these days are growing up so much faster than the kids in my day grew up and to be brutally honest that scares the living crap out of me. The reason that I am so concerned for our futures here on earth is because of the things that I have seen, felt and done in my lifetime. Now you may be thinking that I am old but you won’t believe me when I admit I am only 18 years young. I believe I have an old soul and day by day goes by and I still wonder what my real purpose is on this earth; but until then I will continue to be myself and not give two flyin fucks about whatever anyone has got to say about my way of living.
The most wonderful emotion any human can perceive would be without a doubt the emotion they call “Pure Happiness.” This feeling is released into one’s body at a fast pace and it makes one’s smile become its biggest size. The ways that some people show it are unusual and are more likely to be hilarious and more exaggerated and dramatic so then you end up laughing at them and not with them. There is also those people who stop for a moment, take a breath and just take it in and swallow it up like water. To see someone this happy is one of the most rare things in this world and you’d be lucky to have felt it yourself.

In life, each and every human on this earth has no choice but to put up with the daily routine of emotions our body chooses to set off. Sometimes emotions can be a bitch and you feel like all you want to do is rip your heart out so there’s no way you can feel a fucking thing. But if you're wondering what my secret formula is to being able to handle them and live on with harmony and happiness; you're in luck because the secret contains one word with four letters and I promise if you use this word in your daily routine of life then and only then will you feel the pure happiness I have described.. My lovelys, the word I have been using ever since I can remember is the simple and unique word known as “Merp.” Yes. “Merp.”
Now, now, now I know you may be thinking that the word Merp is absolutely immature but let’s be real; if you're reading this passage you are practically crying out for help in finding a way to feel happy for once. Well, the word Merp has helped me from committing suicide and losing my temper. All I want for this world is positivity, smiles, and pure happiness. I myself have felt this emotion and if I were to describe my experience then let’s just put it this way; I wake up everyday hoping deep down that something incredibly awesome happens only because fuck; it changes the way you look at this world in the best ways..

Unfortunately, life is not always going to go your way, and some people are too boneheaded to be capable of accepting that statement.. So, if I were in your shoes right now then I would accept it sooner rather than later. I would do that for the sake of my own personal mental health because the later you choose to take it in and absorb the words I have shared with you today the later you're going to be fully aware of the emotion every human craves and dreams of. Whatever your life is like as of this moment, the reason for this message is not about life itself; it is about the small things in life that each and every human needs to live, including the simply small word “Merp.”

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8 Mar, 2017
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