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By RLMiera

Metaphor of Problems in Life like Addiction, etc.

This world looks perfectly round from up above

But in reality it’s contorted

Smashed in the hand of corruption

We are each falling off the edges

Trying desperately to cling on

The hand only allows us to remain in its crushing grasp if we succumb to its trap

Then we remain

Barely able to breathe

Smashed up against the others who have succumbed

Some of them become our friends

Most our enemies

And if we so much as complain against the crushing grip of the hand of hate

We are thrown around

It attempts to fling us off

It believes that we are worthless


Which we are

Unless we stand up

Force the fingers of this hand of hatred apart

We will always be crushed


Forced to follow

The hand doesn’t care

And each day it squeezes just a little tighter

And just for a bit of malicious mirth

It shakes

Just a little

Those are the daily tests

The many things life throws our way

And sometimes

If we roll just the right way

We get room to breathe

And life is good for awhile

But will it ever really be good

Unless we all stand together and work as an army against hate

We can work to defeat it

I’m not sure if we can put the fire of hate out completely

But we can work like firefighters

And learn and help to control it

And we can fight against this hand of hatred that has so many people in a death grip

Some manage to get out of the unbearably crushing grasp by themselves

Others need our help

They need a hand or sometimes a lot of hands to help pull them out

So they can have room to breathe

So they can see how great it feels to be able to breathe freely

And not have to take labored breaths

Some however

Somehow like being in the crushing grasp of the hand

They need help too

Sometimes they need someone to actually reach down

Grab their arms

And yank them out by force

Nobody is being squeezed too tightly to be saved

Or helped

And I mean NOBODY

If we could all just see

That we don’t have to be shaken off

We don’t have to cling to the hand

We can simply walk off

There’s a net underneath

It will catch us

The ones who get shaken off often reach out and catch on to this net

Most climb right on

They know that this net is safe

But for others

They’re not sure

They may hang there for awhile

Because they’re scared to move

They’re scared that if they do they’ll fall

They don’t understand that they won’t

Those of us who’ve stepped off the edge

Waving to those who are scared

Telling them

“It’s okay”

“You can do it too”

Then we fall onto the net or catch it

Pulling ourselves up

And we look sympathetically at those who refuse to move

For fear of falling

Or of the hand reaching out and snatching them right back up again

They need some encouraging

Or sometimes a hand to help them up

But usually in this case

They need to make their own decision

Whether or not they want to have faith in themselves

That they’re strong enough to get up onto the safety net

Some never move

Which is sad

Because they eventually get snatched up by the hand again

Or they call to it and it comes

But no matter how many times they go back

There’s never someone who can’t be saved

No matter how many times you may have to do it

Never give up on the one you have to spend time saving

It’s always worth it

If you don’t

Before you know it it’ll be too late

Then you sit there wishing you had “wasted your time”

You wonder why you gave up

Just turned and walked off the edge

Back to the safety net

Instead of refusing to listen to their complaints

Their lies of wanting to allow the hand to smash them in its death grip

And reaching down and yanking them out one last time

No matter how tired your back or arms may be

No matter if you believe they’ll never learn

That they never appreciate what you’re trying to do for them

Never give up

Because in reality

They have given up on themselves

On everything

And they need someone to be there for them

Who won’t give up

Won’t give up on them

Someone they know will help them out

And even if they do choose to walk off the edge with you

When they catch onto the net

They may be scared

But they don’t want to be crushed by the hand again

So they let go when the hand reaches for them

Then they’re in trouble

It’s harder to save them this way

Most of the time they have to save themselves at this point

Knit their own safety net

Or reach out and grab onto the edges of the abyss they’re falling into

Which is a painful

Last minute way to save themselves

Sometimes their arms break

Or dislocate

But they hang on anyways


Hoping someone can come save them

But sometimes it takes awhile

Because they don’t want to scream

Because they’re scared that if they do

They’ll never stop

Or nobody will hear them

Or that the hand will reach down and snatch them up again

This is the case of tears when we’re in the grasp of the hand

If it feels a single tear fall onto its surface

It squeezes and crushes and doesn’t stop

Until you quit crying

So you learn not to cry at all

You learn to numb the pain

Push it away

If help does come for those whose arms are broken or dislocated

They are usually grateful

While they were hanging on

Praying that they would live

They had time for their mind to clear

And they were able to realize just how deep they are

And that it might just be impossible to climb up out the abyss they fell in

And the others

The ones who have knitted their own nets

Are staying as still as they can

Because they can feel their nets ripping

Slowly but surely

They cry silently

Because they know they won’t last

They know that they’ll eventually have to reach out and grab the ledge

Just like so many others they’ve watched

And some call out to the hand again

And the vicious circle begins again

And others

They choose not to reach out and save themselves by grabbing the edge

They don’t want that pain

But what they don’t know

Is that at there is a bottom to every abyss

And it’s usually rocky

And that landing there hurts way more than breaking your arms

They don’t know that you lay there


Unable to move

All alone

In the dark

Praying that someone will save you

But knowing it’s close to impossible

Because the ones who’ve tried to save them before

Have typically given up by now

Or have no clue where they are or what they are up to

So they lay there

Hoping for a miracle

Some manage to get the strength to drag themselves to the edge

And painfully pull themselves up the sides of the abyss

One inch at a time

Many give up

But some prevail

And when they reach the top

Those who care reach down and help them into the safety net

Some are amazed at how bright it is

Because they chose to be in the dark for so long

Either on the bottom


Or in the most crushing area of the hand

And they can’t believe how great it feels

To be able to feel less pain

And breathe freely

Be with the ones who care

Most have forgotten what this feeling is like

Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep them out of the dark or prevent their suffocation

With others

It takes a few rescues

And sometimes you have to let them save themselves

That’s when they really feel some of the pain they’ve caused everyone else

Then they grow up

Learn how to quit

And we as people should celebrate when someone climbs up out of the abyss like that

Because that takes work

And a lot of soul searching

Which for some isn’t so pleasant

In fact

For most it’s very unpleasant

They may sit down there in the darkness for days


Wondering if they have the strength


Some don’t find it

So they just stay there

Very rarely do they get saved

And it’s sad

To see the ones you know will never get up out of the abyss

You wish you could save them

But you know they’re past that point

You know they have to save themselves

They have to find their own way back to the safety net

Which is hard to sit back and have to watch

But usually if you try to help them

They go back to the hand

Or they don’t want your help

Because they know it’s up to them now

So yes

This world is one messed up place

And there is so much more that we feel and go through

That is not written down on this paper

But this is some of the deepest things that people go through every day

Don’t look at someone and think they don’t go through any of this

Cuz most likely one out of five people has

And don’t let yourself be crushed by the hand

Step off the edge

It’ll be okay

Let the safety net catch you

And if you barely manage to grab on in time

Know that it’s safe to pull yourself up

And you do have the strength to do that

And anything else you want to take on too

So never be afraid

Just do it

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14 Feb, 2010
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8 mins
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