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Michael Brown, Gone too Early
Michael Brown, Gone too Early

Michael Brown, Gone too Early

yaboyrobertRobert Thornton
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Michael Brown, Victim

I was walking down the street with my friend Dorian Johnson when it happened. A white police officer drove by us and started to yell, ¨Get the f**k on the sidewalk.¨ It startled the two of us and I replied, ¨We´re almost where we need to be, we´ll be off the road in a little bit.¨ The officer started to drive away, so I looked at Dorian.

¨Man, that was crazy.¨

Before Dorian could answer, we both saw the police officer coming right at us in reverse.

Dorian Johnson, Friend/Victim

When the police car stopped while almost hitting us, the officer tried to aggressively open the door when Mike and I were right in front of it. The door ricocheted off of Mikes body and slammed shut on the officer. I saw the officer reach for Mike, and he grabbed him by the neck as if he was trying to rip his head off. Mike was trying to pull away, but the officer had a good grip on him. I wanted to help him, but I didn't want to get in any trouble by assaulting an officer. With Mike still struggling, I saw the officer pull his gun out, and he started to shout, ¨I´m going to shoot.¨ Before either of us could do anything, I heard shots. Mike was hit by the rogue bullets and was badly hurt. I grabbed Mike, and we started to run, but the officer got out of his car and proceeded to shoot more. Another bullet had hit Mike. Mike stopped running and he turned around, saying, ¨Im unarmed and my hands are up, please stop shooting.¨ I turned and looked at the officer, but he still shot. He fired several more rounds into the body of Mike, and I saw his body slump to the ground.

Tiffany Mitchell, Witness

I was out picking someone up to go to work when I saw it happen. I saw Mike and the officer by the car, the officer grabbing Michael by the head. I saw Michael trying to push himself away from the car, then I heard the gunshots. I was going to record the situation beforehand, but the officer shot through the window so I tried to get away. I looked back and saw the two boys running, one of them covered in blood. They made it about 20 feet until Michael reacted as if he had gotten shot again, and I watched him turn around and put his hands in the air, but the officer piled even more shots into the poor boy's chest.

Darren Wilson, Police Officer

I drove by two teenagers walking in the middle of the road, and I requested them to get out of the middle of the road. They didn't reply, so I drove back towards them to talk to them. I tried to get out of the car, but one of the boys slammed the door shut on me and started to grab me. As I was pushing back, I unholstered my weapon and said I would shoot if he continued to assault me. I discharged my weapon and hit the assaulter. The two boys started to run from the patrol car, so I got out and started to chase them with my weapon out. One of the boys stopped and turned, and started to charge at me. I fired my weapon several times at the boy to protect myself.

Lesley McSpadden, Mother of Victim

When I heard of my son´s death, I wasn't only saddened, but I was outraged. My boy was never a violent person, he would never have done such a thing like assaulting a police officer. What made it worse is that the officer was never charged with the crime of killing my son. Even with all the witness´ saying that the officer was rogue and shot my son in cold blood, they decided to let the man walk free. I argued and argued to get justice for my son, and I pushed the idea of having police officers wear body cameras. If that officer was wearing a body camera during the incident of him killing my son, so many questions could be answered. Maybe the event would never have happened because the officer would have known that people would see whatever he does. This proposal of mine was not only for my son but for all the other families who have lost someone close in a situation like this. No family should have to suffer one of their loved ones dying in an event that never should have happened. I am still fighting for my son, and everybody else.

Author Notes: This story is based on Michael Brown, an eighteen-year-old boy was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. It shows the accounts of the two victims of the shooting, the police officer who had shot at the boys and killed one, a witness who had seen the event unfold, and the mother of the victim who had been shot and killed.

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3 Feb, 2019
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