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Mind Wars: The lost chapters

Mind Wars: The lost chapters

By KeithLankford

Allergic to basic
A virus she knew
Stuck in the matrix
Without a clue

Her eyes gazed at the screen
It is here it begins
Steadfast knowingly
She proceeded

The city was quiet
The streets thin of traffic
They knew
She had little time left

Closing her eyes she remembered
Drifting off as if caught by sleep

Young and free
Sunshine glistening on her long hair
Laughing with friends
As the waves rolled ashore

Long before the awakening
Long before the purge

The beach was full that summer day
Children running and laughing
Sitting, playing in the sand
As the tide washed their presence away

She shook with the thought
Tears welling up in her closed eyes

The years that soon followed were not a day at the beach
The sound of gentle waves soon replaced with echos in the night
Echoes which haunted every soul as they grew to screams
Terrifying screams
Filling the days
Overflowing at night
Screams never to be broken
By the soft sounds of a gentle breeze rolling ashore whistling her long hair in the wind

She shook herself awake
Still staring at the control panel
Knowing her destiny would soon be fulfilled
Alive or dead

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About This Story
19 Nov, 2021
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1 min
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