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Mind Wars: The Poem

Mind Wars: The Poem

By KeithLankford

You can’t see
In darkness or in light

You and me
So easily
Receptors sound not sight

Allan Frey’s
1961 that’s right

Though years have past
As spells they cast
Sounds unheard in the night

Brain bio
Neural link
N3’s a project too

John Hopkins
Still experiment on you

If you find your dreaming
If you find your lost
If you find a screaming
In your head your boss

Never wait or wonder
Who now mind loves you
Sleeper cells awoken
The world their prison too

5G, microwaves, a science fiction account of what could happen in the future if some agency like DARPA worked with the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Institutions, universities like John Hopkins which has a long history of conducting unethical human experimentation, issues all stats on virus, is 50-60 miles from fort Detrick, home of cia medical division headquarters, cia MK ultra experimentation, 911 Anthrax.

Luckily, our representatives will surely pass laws to ensure the microwaves seen potentially used as weapons since Tesla’s 1921 experimentation will never be used on the world population, the nanotech, metal toxicity needed to complete the DARPA AI computer cloud human brain interface would never find its way into human organisms.


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About This Story
19 Nov, 2021
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1 min
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