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Mindy @ The Magical Mall
Mindy @ The Magical Mall

Mindy @ The Magical Mall

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

If you read for a spell
You'll be treated to a tale
A tale that seems too tall
Of Mindy's day at the mall.

There is Larry Nell
Munchin' at The Bell
And over there's Mary Belle
With a mouthful of caramel.

But for all the sights and bells
And whoever and whatever else
None of it can be comparable
To the shiny new carousel.

Mindy has heard so much about it
And she has no reason to doubt it.

Here she excitedly stands
Very first in line
Her face brightly beaming
Like rays of sunshine.

When she looks all around her,
No other kids have joined her.

"How can I be the only one
Who wants to have all this fun?
Oh well! More fun for me!"
Thinks Mindy with glee.

Slowly at the beginning
The carousel begins spinning.
Tho' the ride is mechanical
The horses are fanciful
And the music is theatrical.

But in just a little while
Something happens to Mindy's smile
Something happens to Mindy's blast
When the ride goes way, way too fast.

Faster and faster
'Til all becomes a blur.
What's happening here?
What will happen to her?

So with all her might
Mindy hangs on tight
Bracing herself inside
For one dizzy tizzy ride.

When at last she peeks through one eye
Mindy is shocked and rocked by the sight:
The carousel is taking flight
Up, up away and very high
Rocketing through the blue sky!

Frantic and in a panic
Mindy screams and shouts
'Til the carousel breaks out
Out through the puffy clouds.

On the other side
A new world breaks into view --
Beautiful light, colorful hues
"Wow! This place is new!"

By now the spinning's easy
So Mindy's not so dizzy
Not nearly in such a tizzy
But her eyes are surely busy.

While over her horse
Mindy's feet still dangle
She gets a full look
From every side and angle.

Now I toss it to Mindy
To tell us what she sees:

"A flying creature
With helicopter wings
Cartoonish features
It smiles and sings!"

What else, Mindy, what else?
Please, oh please, do tell!

"I see giants crossing a big rainbow bridge
And there's a much smaller one for the kids."

Mindy, you don't say!
Tell more 'bout your day.

"Mountains are chocolate fountains!
Trees dot the seas --
From the depths peppy fish shoot
To snatch the juicy delish fruit."

All this, who could ever guess or expect?
We can't wait to hear what happens next.

"The rocks pop, snap and crackle.
The air smells like cinnamon and apples.
I'm baffled by the castles --
Instead of stones and rocks
They look to be constructed
From ginormous toy blocks!
As my eyes spy the landscape
There's this thing I cannot escape:
Where are all the houses? Oh wait --
There's a fancy one coming this way!
It's floating in the air
Without any care or trouble
Safely encased in place
Within a sturdy purty bubble."

But do you see any cars, trains or planes?
Please tell us, Mindy! Please will you explain?

"The automobiles have no wheels.
This is just flat out unreal!"
(How then do they go?)
"By the mighty wind that blows
From a super duper pinwheel.
Planes bounce from place to place.
Trains take tracks to outer space.
I wish to explore for more
But the carousel again begins to faster spin.
I think this means my magical discoveries
Are beginning to reach their end."

Mindy's spun home to her room.
The lights are out, it's night out.
The midnight moon has come out.
She hears a soothing tune
From across the room.
Mindy sees her porcelain carousel spinning
So with a sigh she shuts her eyes
And says, "Every dream has an ending
But a new one will soon be beginning."

© Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
12 Jun, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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