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Just this day i feel gloomy, and felt like doing just my daily routine. Woke up, work, eat, sleep, Repeat. My life is so senseless or whatsoever.

But when a tall girl customer came through out the door , walking straight to the counter, I welcome her and said that she could sit. Later that time a short girl rushly open the door and enter the store so I did welcome her too and said she could sit too.

She does sit, together with the first tall girl who already seated. Meanwhile the short girl stands up and she rushed straight toward the counter not hearing what I just said to her that I will take orders in the table, So I told her again that she could sit , she was like " ahh okay " .

So I follow her to the table waiting for their orders. I was preoccupied that time not even suggesting anything on the menu. Couple of minutes later they finally order. So I repeat their orders and then excuse myself.

When the time food was serve and everything went fine after receiving the orders she was asking for a water so I left and get her glass of water. I was in the counter that time when she approaches me asking for "permisan cheese " her order is excluded with the cheese she was asking. So the kitchen crew tell her that it would be additional payment , so she refuse ..

That time she left and sit again starting to dig in her food. I felt like I was irritated to her I don't even know why. Its just a feeling that it comes out of nowhere. Still I serve her right.

When I was kinda busy with stuff on my own related to the work I'm working. She was raising her hand and as if she wants to summoned me so. I walk towards her she was asking if I could turn down the volume . And I was like feel so destruct judging her that she was so bossy and demanding, so I did turn down the music as she request.

I'm not really nosy in every business what they actually doing but. I could literally see that they are PRAYING, and WORSHIP GOD.

On a second hand I felt gush with guilty by feeling irritated with her and judge her ,actually I don't tend to feel that to her its just happen.. Those judgement I have taken I ease it all. Maybe those feeling I've feel do have a reason.

And when I already lessen my feelings. A guy customer enter again the store they known each other and he said to the short and tall girl that they could continue. I entertain the guy waiting for his order. Later that time they are done with their lunch. I was about to excuse the plate to clean up the table when the guy approached me. He was asking my name. So I said it loud and clear.

He asked the short girl to pray for me. And I was like I'm the middle of my working hour but there was this feeling I don't know exactly what it is but it trigger me to do so.

And the short girl hold me. She tap gently my shoulder . She begin with the name of GOD
she pray for my work, she pray for my future, she pray for my family, she pray my friends, she pray for my love ones, she pray for my safeness, she pray for my sins, she pray for me that God may forgave me.. She pray me to enlighten, she pray for me not to be tempted to evil doings. She pray me everything I needed the most SHE PRAYED THAT I WOULD BE SAVE AND HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. She prayed everything I FORGET TO PRAY..

When she's done praying lucky there's no customers have enter. She have teach me everything today. Her name is JESSIE AND THE GUYS NAME IS MARK. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BOTH OF YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.

-My lesson this day October 29, 2017.. I'm already blessed and even more blessed God know when is your Darkest life would be , and there would be a blessing in disguise always. It might be random or stranger. Miracles are one way that proves God is always with us.


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29 Dec, 2018
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3 mins
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