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Miss perfect

Miss perfect

By sweetmoon

It was around sep 3 when i met Miss perfect. She was, skinny with her long black hair. Her grades the most high ones in school and for some reason, everyone knew her at school. Her name was cristine and her family a high class majesty. The school fetival started that same day that i met her. People surrunded her with blossom flowers, and I-- the person well known to be as the funny perverd school mate. Sat in the far way ground of the school. My eyes as well as the rest of the eyes would not stop looking at her. Cristine smile to everyone who spoke to her. While i was just standing wondering what i would say to her. I got up to my feet as everyone in school watch her leave the room. I ignore those who were talking to me and ran to her. To my luck, i got on time to talk with her. Our eyes met for the first time, my heart pound even more faster and time stop for a second. "Its a pleasure to meet you, im----eh well, just a friend walking by", she laugh. "your name is cristine right?'"i asked her like if i didnt know" yes that's my mine, its nice to meet you too" she smile at every word that she told me. I kinda miss on the rest of the things she told me because i was thinking more about how beautiful she was.

A few month later, i became friends with her but not that type who were really close but the type that you could tell them your stuff and trust them. One sunny morning, i waited for her to be alone so i was able to talk to her. She came out the gym room alone, walking like as if she was really tired. Fixing up her shoes as she walked by. Cristine look up and saw my face. her smile was bright as she run to hug me ''please dont let go of me''she said. I could not believe what was happening. I tried to hug her back but i was push by her and was more worry about not falling. Finally i was able to stand still and hug her as much as i could. "What's wrong cristine?'' i asked her as we broke the hug."i liked this guys but i dont know which one to choose!''she said while looking down. Ouch! my heart broke down in the second. My dream girl had a crush? . "oh well, choose the one you think is best"i tried not to cry. I would hug her close to me and whisper that everything would be okay.

My family had told me that soon we would be moving away. That fact killed my heart. I was moving away from my girl. The girl i ever loved with all my heart. The last day i school i confess to her. We were infront of the gym class. She was walking with her best friend, and i stop her. Her friend walk away saying that she would meet her againg. Crisitne looked into my eyes, saying that i need it to speak fast for she was in a hurry. This time she did not even look at my eyes as she spoke , like she was trying to ignore me" i have a crush on you" i told her after a while. She look back as she started waking"oh thank you for telling me, but why?" i told her about how she was my everything. She stop after seen her friends" well, maybe i'll see you another time" she hug me a said good-bye.

A year later, i woke up from my bed. Cristine was still my love, the girl i ever love. I think ill be dying soon, How? i dont know. I just know i wont last long, but even if i dont wake up tomorrow. Atleast i had to chance of loving her, maybe she will never love me back. i still will.

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About This Story
9 Jul, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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