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Missing Pt1
Missing Pt1

Missing Pt1

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Nick: I woke up this morning to see the beautiful face of my lovely, (yet grumpy) wife, Amy. We've been married for about one and a half years now. As soon as my alarm went off, Amy immediately got out of bed and went into the bathroom, not even a word was said. It was unnatural, sort of...robotic. I asked if she was okay, but no answer. I assumed she was just having some personal or hormonal issues, so I left her be. After about 20 minutes of her ignoring me and locking herself in the bathroom, I started to worry. I, banged on the door to make sure she was okay in there. I heard her mumble "yeah, I'm fine". It was already 9:30 am, and I really had to go considering I had a meeting... wait...yeah, a meeting at... at 10:20 am. I told her I was going to work and that there was some apple pie in the fridge if she wanted any. No response. That's when I hopped in the car and left to go to work.

Officer Brady: I don't believe a word outta your mouth prettyboy.

Nick: ...and why's that?

Officer Brady: Well, first of all, you kept changing your sentences halfway through saying them, and that's a sure sign of lying. Second of all, if you were a good, loving husband, you wouldn't have just left her there.

Nick: I guess I'm not the best husband... but how do you connect me being a bad husband to me KILLING my wife. Seriously! I loved her with all my heart, and now you're accusing me of a committing murder... the murder of my wife!? This is unbelievable.

Officer Brady: Alright this is getting out of control... I think we're done here.

Nick: Yeah, and I'm done with this place. I'm moving out of this town as soon as possible.

Officer Brady: You sure are moving, but not very far.

Nick: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Officer Brady: It means you've got a one-way ticket right into jail.

Nick: WHAT! You haven't proven anything yet. I haven't even finished telling the story yet what the hell?

Officer Brady: Okay then. Go ahead and tell your little fairy tale. I know it's all a lie.

Nick: Whatever. I get home at 9:15 pm and I noticed that the house is really cold. I walked over to the thermostat and turned the heat up. I went upstairs to check on stace-Amy. I meant Amy. I went upstairs to check on Amy. The bathroom door was open and the TV was off. Usually when I came home Amy would be lying in bed watching TV, but today she was nowhere to be seen. I shouted her name throughout the house hoping she would respond, but I didn't hear anything. As I walked downstairs I realized that it had gotten colder, and went to check the thermostat one again. Suddenly I heard a loud bang and instantly turned. Turns out it was just the back door. The back door was wide open and all the cold air from outside was coming in. That's why it was so cold. I didn't think much of it and went upstairs to bed. Of course, I was still worried about Amy, so I decided to call her. I heard a faint ringing from beneath the bed. I felt chills going down my spine as I slowly leaned my head over to look underneath the bed.

Author Notes: this is my first story ever, so don't come at me haha
hope you enjoyed

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23 Mar, 2019
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2 mins
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