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Missing you

Missing you

By amiXD

I sat on the bench where I waited everyday
for come back to me
Everyday I sit in that park and hope to hear his voice that sends chills down my spine

When ever I look beyond the hill I remember the times where we spent together
We laughed, we argued, we cried, and we kissed
Moments that were irreplaceable

I miss the times where I would jump onto his back and make him carry me around
Or the random times we suddenly decided to take a walk at 3 in the morning

At times I dream of his face, where he would embrace me
only to wake up finding he was no longer here

There are many memories he left with me and it hurts me that we couldn't continue to make more

Sometimes I would take out his journal he left for me
with words that pierced through me
telling me he was sorry he couldn't take of me any longer,
to find someone better.
because a dieing person is not worth enough to be loved

In these moments of solitude I yearn to see his face, just one more time
Then everything would be alright

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About This Story
6 Jun, 2011
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<1 min
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