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Mission Complete

Mission Complete

By AlwaysWrite

I heard her come into the house. My human. My girl.

I didn’t get up to go greet her; this is the first time I ever remember not doing so. I heard her call out for me. Saw her turn the corner and tell me she was home. I remained on the floor. As I knew it would, this worried her. She ran to me, but I didn’t even lift my head; I just watched her. She hadn’t come home in the strange chair; just as I hoped she wouldn’t. Things were starting to get better, for her.

Yesterday she had left walking but came back home in the chair. Today she left and came home without it. I hope it doesn’t come back.

Two months ago she left. My Victoria left for four days. I was worried and nervous. I paced in her room and in Mom and Dad’s room. This didn’t make sense: she hadn’t packed a baglike she does when she is going on a trip, and both Mom and Dad were still home at least some of the time. When Victoria and the little one left for long periods of time Mom was always with them. This time only Victoria was gone.

Mom and Dad were worried too. I could sense it.

After forever, it seemed, she came home. Mom and Dad got really happy and they both went to go get her. When she got home I went to rub up against her like I always did, to show my love. But as soon as she was in the house, it was very obvious something was wrong.

For starters she wasn’t walking. She was in a chair that Dad pushed from behind. Her legs were out in front of her, and I could see clearly the blue cast like things that covered her knees keeping them straight. But what concerned me the most was the look on her face; I could see she was in pain; I could see she wanted to cry.

I was worried.

Mom and Dad took her to her room and put her in bed. I tried to go up to her. She pushed me away. I sat down in the corner and watched her. She soon began to cry. I held back; Mom was right there she would help.

Mom left the room and returned with what looked like pills. Why would she want those? Victoria wasn’t sick, she was sad. She needed a hug.

I couldn’t take it anymore; I went to her. This time she hugged me until mom pushed me away.

I returned to my corner.

Not long after taking the pills Victoria fell asleep. I stayed there all night and most of the next day. I was after dinner when Victoria awoke.

Days past in the same way. Victoria woke up right after dinner, ate, took more pills, and slept. When she was awake she wasn’t herself she was hidden beneath something. She wasn’t happy.

I kept up my vigil for two weeks before anything changed.

One day she woke up around lunch time and Mom helped her get into clean clothes. She almost looked happy, excited.

She got into the strange chair and again left. This time only for an hour or so. I was so happy to hear they were home.

When Victoria came in she was no longer happy or excited. She was now sobbing about something I heard her say, “six weeks,” over and over again.

I returned to my vigil. Over about two weeks Victoria slowing started to be awake more; while this made me happy, I was concerned. The longer she was awake the more I could tell she wasn’t herself. Most of the time she was awake she spent just lying there. She ignored her phone, kept the T.V. off, left off the radio and all other kinds of music, and just looked up at the ceiling.

Just after those two weeks ended Maddy came over. I had always liked that girl; she had been a friend of Victoria’s for a long time. She didn’t stay long though and after she left she didn’t come back; I wonder if she could tell Victoria wasn’t herself, too. I think she could.

Two weeks after that she started getting back in that god forbidden chair, but moving around made her happier. She slowly came back to me. Once she started being my human again, I let up on my vigil.

A few days later she seemed really happy. And as she got better clothes on and grabbed he back pack, I realized school was starting again.

I watched the bus lift her up and take her away. And then I watched them bring her back. After the first day she seemed ok, but by the weekend she had fallen apart. I spent the weekend in her room.

She pulled herself back together for another week of school. And she did much better that week. The weekend came and she didn’t fall apart.

On Monday the bus didn’t come for her, but she did get in the car and leave with Mom and Dad.

When she came back her knees were bent and those things they called braces were gone. She was so happy again and almost back to normal.

Over the past few weeks she’s been working on her walking. She was getting stronger.

Today had been the end; I had made sure my girl had gotten though this. My job was done. I was ready to leave.

I picked my favorite spot in the whole house, and waited. I waited until now. I wanted my girl to be the last thing in this world I saw or touched. She hugged me. I can feel the tears seeping through my coat. I hear the word no. She begs me to stay. But I can’t stay. I have to go now.

I stayed with her though this hard time. This had been my purpose. My mission.

Mission complete.

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23 Nov, 2012
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5 mins
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