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Mistaken Love-Part 1

Mistaken Love-Part 1

By HeavensGame

She was a sad girl and her worst enemy is love her experiance in life made her believe that love is a fantasy that will never exist. her mother married and ended up cheated her sister had a boyfriend and he lied to her and took away her innocence and her friend lost her love because of jealousy and no way shes going to have that trouble. Until they moved to a little town she was 17 and getting into a new school isnt hard for this loud mouth. she was going to her locker and by her locker was a bunch of boys and girls that looked popular she hates those kind she couldnt get to her locker. Then she got mad and screamed at them to move away from her locker. They turned to look at her people wispered she glared at them they walked away there was a boy she thought thats who they were talking with she glared at him he was pale with green eyes his hair was like wet silk. Then he looked at her that startled her "what are you looking at freak." she said and looked away.
"oh nothing by the way you shouldnt yell its not good for a girl like you." he smiled at me. My heart gave a little beat i didnt want to believe it.

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About This Story
10 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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