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Misty Vibe

Misty Vibe

By djreed7100 - 1 Review

A warm night introduces itself in a mild haze.  I just had dinner and now I'll head off to the Lagoon.  It is only a couple blocks away.  I dawn the obligatory flip flops.  I grab O'berry, his leash and my packer as I head out the back sliding glass door.  O'berry is ready to go.  His tail is wagging fiercely.  All right buddy I tell him, we'll get there, it's o.k. buddy.  O' is thrusting up and out and all over to ever bush he sees.  Up with the hind leg and move on, up with the hind leg and so on.  We then acquire a steady gait and proceed to lagoon avenue.  I can see water now through this mist.  The houses are bright and beautiful.   Mostly anyway.  Some are laid out more of the style from say, the neighboring American south.  A truck here, a truck there, a car here, a car there, on their lawns.   Maybe even a rusted out sink or two.  Throw in a few random cats and a beat up lawn mower that just needs a spark plug.  Yea right, that is all it needs.  So many green things growing out from up and under the mower, you need to mow the mower. 

The other end of the housing spectrum consists of bright paint, swimming pools, boats, cars and trucks too, parked in the driveway intentionally.  More than likely you will find the beautiful house dwellers outside.  Probably washing the family wagon.  Toddlers seem to surround these houses, running, jumping and playing about, like bees to a hive.  All bees have a queen, so do these kids.  Moms running about as well, trying to contain these kids.  It is not a queens duty but she wouldn't trade it for the world. Also out of character for queens is the  fact that the mom's are all friendly.  I never see a dad, ever.  It makes me wonder if there is a back door at that particular house?  O'berry suddenly jerks me to attention.  I look forward.  A few small lizards scatter.  What are they thinking? 

I cannot see any boats, odd I surmise.  O' is all white minus a brown tail and a spot, I can barely see him.  The haze is thick.  Humidity is as high as the temperature, ninety five degrees.  I hear splashing and voices.  It sounds like a struggle whatever be the case.  I cannot see due to the solid wood fence that sits eight to ten feet high I am guessing.  Then I hear glass break and a thud followed by a sprinkle of change.  What the?   I walk on predicated on the fact that I will return in a few minutes and check on the situation again.  We make it to the waters edge.  O'berry is digging in the sand by the boat dock.  I grab a smooth rounded edge stone and chuck it along the waters edge so that it skips several times.  O'berry looks on now stunned by the perplexity of rock skipping.  As he stands there dumbfounded, I hear sirens.  O' then catches shimmers of fish in the shallows.  He darts for them only to quickly hurry back away from the waters edge.  'Terrier in Latin means earth or something of that nature' I assure him, 'you can't help it.'  We head back.

The mist has faded and a slight, very slight chill takes hold.  Relief from the heat.  We engage in our steady gait again.  Only to be stopped in our tracks.  Three cop cars with their lights ago but no sirens occupy the front yard of that house with the solid wood fence.  Officers are shining flashlights everywhere.  What are they looking for?  O'berry pauses and sticks his nose in the air.  An ambulance is now heard off in the distance. 

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25 Jul, 2015
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3 mins
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