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Misunderstood Love By Anjeliica Portillo

Misunderstood Love By Anjeliica Portillo

By xxxLosingEverythingxxx

This girl..lets call her Mary went to school with this boy she liked..lets call him Jake. They had never talked before and she never had the courage to talk to him. She went on facebook one day and seen she had a friend request from hi. she was so excited she accepted it right away and he automatically.

Jake: Hey cutie ;)
mary: Hey...
jake: What's wrong?
mary: Nothing..just not in a good mood..
jake: Oh..can i help in any way?
mary: I dont know...Hey i g2g but text me? *gives the number*
mary logs off

An hour later

jake: Hey :)
mary: Hi!
jake: Well you seem like your in a better mood!
mary: Ha yeah well i am! thanks for texting me!
jake: No problem anything for you cutie ;)
mary: Yeah well hey i g2g real quick brb

He waited for her reply for two hours until he decided to give up and go out to have fun with some of his friends. He ended up leaving his phone at home where his sister got ahold of it.

That night..

mary: Hey! <3
jake: Whos this??
mary: Oh...
jake: This is jakes girlfriend
mary: Oh..i didnt know he had one..well then bye..sorry for bothering you..

That very day they ended up running into each other at the mall and he was so happy to see her, but he could tell she wasnt happy to see him. She gave him one looked and walked away. she couldnt stand to look at him, but she still walked away with tears inher eyes and she couldnt tell if it was because she was mad at him or if it was because she was really hurt and felt lead on.

Jake: Hey?
Mary: what do you want?..
Jake: i seen you at the mall and you just walked away..why?
Mary: Cause i didnt know if you were with your girlfriend or not!

After she sent that last text she deleted his number and shut off her phone. She went home to do her homework when she got a text from him. she opened the text and started to cry. The boy had sent her a picture of him laying on the bed with 12 roses and his wrist slit. at the bottom of the picture it said
" i love you with all of my heart. i always have i just didnt know how to tell you. im sorry i was to late and i promise to you i didnt have a girlfriend. i love you and because i love you i will kill myself to prove it to you. just remeber i will love you until the last rose dies.." she cried and went to write something on a small piece of paper.she quickly wrote on it then went to her drawer which had a razor in it. she closed her eyes and whispered "I love you to" as she dug it into her veins.
The next morning her parents found her in her room drenched with her blood and holding that little piece of paper in one hand and his picture in the other. Her parents read the note and it said "And ill prove it to you.."....

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8 Mar, 2011
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